Staying Home

I am a stay at home mom. My kids are both in school and I still stay home. On numerous occasions I have heard things like how bored I will get, it won’t be long before I get a job to get out of the house, I will start spending all our money out of boredom. There is something the good people of Magnolia don’t know. That’s ME! No one in Anza would have said those things to me because they know I will always find something to do. Back there we had a ranch too so how could I ever get bored.

Now I have time to do anything and everything I could possibly want. Which started with working out. I don’t go pay a gym to work out either. Working out from home is easy and fun. I can do it on my time and don’t have to share anything with other people. My space and my time. I am proud to say this is the first time I haven’t stopped working out after 2 or 3 weeks of starting. It has been 10 weeks and I am still going strong. With the exception of taking a few days off last week from being extremely sick.(in which case I was soo bored) I am still sick but not sick enough to skip my workout.

The look you get when you tell people you’re a stay at home mom and then they ask the age of your kids is disturbing. I don’t look at you like that when you tell me how much money you spent just because you think you can. But really, all your cards are maxed out, your bills are late and you still have your latte in hand from Starbucks. That’s your business and this is mine!

I never thought of what I would want to do after both of my kids were in school. They are 5 years apart and it seemed like that day would never come. When it finally did, I knew for sure I didn’t want to spend it at some job I wasn’t in love with. I am in love with this job. They drive me crazy and my house is a work in progress but I wouldn’t change this job for the world! I get to be at all of their stuff for school. We have time together everyday to do whatever we please. This is where I belong.

When I hear your shitty comments and I know you are a stay at home mom too, I know you aren’t happy being one. I am! With my kids, without my kids. Husband half the time. It’s the life we live and we love it! Without doing the things we do, we wouldn’t have much of a life we love.

Live the life you love!

Happy Wednesday My Friends



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Quality Over Quantity

For some reason, I have come off as not a people person. I can agree with that to an extent. But if we aren’t friends and there has been an effort, there is a reason for that. I do not like to surround myself with negativity. I try so extremely hard to be positive, no matter what life throws at me. This year, it has thrown a lot at me! I wake up everyday with a smiling face ready to tackle the new day. There are things I look for when I am trying to make new friends. And yes, it matters. Everyone is judgmental in some way or another…You Are….and I just know the kind of people I want in my life and around my kids. After all, they will end up looking up to you too.

This is all fresh in my mind at this present moment because I have been trying to make friends. Some don’t think I’m friend material either. I know because I never got a call back for a second audition. One time was all it took for them to know I wasn’t the kind of friend they wanted and I’m fine with that. It makes me wonder if we all have the same idea of what a friend a should be or if it’s different for each person. This is what I look for in a friend.

To listen and vise versa. It goes both ways on almost all accounts in a friendship. If you are talking, I am listening. I would expect the same thing.

Not just positive feedback. If we are friends or trying to be, don’t just always say “everything will be alright.” Especially, if that’s not the case. I’d rather hear how much it sucks and how hard it will be.

Fill my bucket and I will always fill yours. We tell our kids that and most of the time don’t do it. We want our friends to feel good about themselves and what they are doing. When they do something good, tell them! Trust me, it will go a long way.

When and if a friend needs help, help them. Help me, even if I didn’t ask for help but you can see I need it. Don’t think it’s over stepping. I don’t.

When our kids fight (and they will), only step in when necessary. They are friends just trying to figure it out. We can’t figure it out for them. They are young and unsure of what a “real friend” is. They need to figure out what they think is a good friend, not what we think is a good friend.

I am not into gossip and bringing others down. If you are, it is a turn off and might have me worry about what you really think and say of me when I’m gone. I probably wouldn’t choose you as a friend.

A good friend is fun, unique and interesting. That doesn’t mean we have to be the life of the party. It means we can make our own fun out of nothing.

Be supportive of their goals. My goals might not be realistic but it’s what I want. Friends will support your silly goals no matter what.

Don’t bull shit me. I am a no bull shitter. I tell it like it is and am honest and blunt. I’d rather you tell me “Hey, you’re being a real ass hole,” instead of holding on to that or simply letting it go.

Friendship is effort on all accounts.

What do you look for in a friendship?



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Renaissance Madness!

This weekend we went to the Texas Renaissance Festival! It is the largest Renaissance Festival in the U.S, sitting on 55 acres out in the forest with permanent buildings and arenas. It was beautiful! Foliage growing over everything. Cobblestone walk ways and beautiful people in costume and character!

ren2 ren6 ren8 ren9

Travis and Levi aren’t as into the Renaissance Festivals as Delylah and I, and they decided to not dress up this year, which was fine. But Delylah and I rocked it in our Pirate Outfits! Every weekend is themed and we did not want to miss pirate weekend. Pirates have always been one of my kids favorite things!

ren3 ren4 ren11ren10

The Renaissance Festival is a place where you should expect to spend a lot of money. Whether it be on food, drink or old timey rides. Everything costs money. (what’s new there right) I am fine with just walking around looking at all of the fascinating people and things for sale. Soaking it all in. That’s hard to do when you bring the kids. No matter how you spend your time there, it is worth going if you have never been. I am extremely sick right now and debated going. After struggling with myself as to whether or not we should go, I decided, Hell yes we should go. I would regret it if I had missed it. Now that we have gone for one weekend though, I am dying to go next weekend. It is day of the dead weekend and to dress up and be there for that would be amazing! Hopefully I feel better by then. And kids get in free on Sundays!

We did archery. I am not very good but by the end of loosing arrows I could at least hit the hay near the target. Delylah and I got to ride an Elephant. I was skeptical to do this at first. I hate seeing elephants at the circus, they are always getting poked and prodded. But at the Renaissance Festival they just follow the people walking them. It was pretty amazing! To touch and be so close to my favorite animal was the best part of the day there!

ren12 ren5 ren ren1

I think the Renaissance Festival is one of my favorite places. It doesn’t matter what you dress up as, who you are or what you like. I have been called a nerd for liking such things and I’ll take that. You can call me what you want to call me, I know I’m having more fun than most being myself!

If you have never been to a Renaissance Festival I highly recommend checking one out!

Happy Monday My Friends



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Sickness, Report Cards and Pirates!!!!

I have not been sick in I don’t know how long. I have been down for count because of surgeries and healing but not actually “sick.” I’d rather be down for surgery than be sick! At least then I would know that I truly can’t be doing things. Now, I’m just sick and things still have to be done. Errands, laundry, kids homework and lunches. It doesn’t end just because I got sick.

It doesn’t matter how sick I am, I must be better by tomorrow. The Renaissance Festival is happening here and it’s the biggest in the nation. It also happens to be pirate weekend and I have been excited about this since moving here! It’s the nerd in me. I can either be an awesome pirate for the weekend or a pirate with scurvy. I’m guessing with what I feel like upon waking up this morning, I will be having scurvy! No matter. Pirates with scurvy still know how to have fun! Lots of oranges for me!

I received Levi’s first report card at the new school. With what his progress reports were looking like, I was a bit worried. But he came out strong and has all A’s and B’s with only one C and not in the class I expected it in. That is better than his progress reports were looking and I am proud even with the C. After moving away and starting a new school, I think he’s doing alright!

Happy Friday My Friends



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