13 Little Things To Live Your Best Life

It’s one thing to live. It’s another thing to live life fully. To live your best life.

Now that requires certain things. And yes, we know your kids, partner, vibrator, some would say dog or cat, sense of purpose and self-worth is one of them. But let’s assume you’re all good on the kids, partner, vibrator, animal, sense of self-worth and purpose front.

Other than those things, we’re all entitled to a few simple things to really ramp up our life satisfaction. These are things that without, the world might not fall apart but it certainly becomes a whole lot shittier. There’s a little less joy in our world.

The good news is that these things are small and pretty easy to find. So go forth and make your life as kick ass as it can be.

1. A Good Pen

Preferably a large store of them, so you’re never without but one will do. And we’re not talking a fancy Mont Blanc here, people. A gel pen that flows smoothly will do. Although my good pen is a calligraphy pen that you have to dip, over and over and has many different color inks to choose from. Choose wisely.

2. The Perfect Lipstick Shade

Every girl needs that lipstick, the one that looks perfect with her skin and hair no matter if she’s dressed up or down, if she’s wearing red or baby blue, if she’s rocking jeans or nothing at all. You know the shade I mean. If you’re lucky, you have it in your stash. Maybe you have more than one for different occasions because some of us love make up and we accept and embrace that. Or we don’t. But even when the shit hits the fan, as long as you’ve got that lipstick, everything will be okay. It’s that good. Truth be told, mine is just cherry chapstick and on occasion I do break out with a deep matte Merlot.

3. A Good Pic of Your Kids — Both Digital and Analogue

You’ve got tons of photos on your phone and uploaded to Facebook and Instagram. You need to be able to find it easily so you can flash it at strangers. But you also need the real deal, printed out and hung up. A cute pic of your kid will make you feel all warm and fuzzy nostalgic after bedtime, help you get through those bad times because they are so darn cute. Hang it up. Or stick it on an end table next to your coffee mug. So you can remember why you do this shit.

4. A Coffee Mug You Love

I happen to have several I love. Because it will make you smile, every single morning, when you need it the most. When I’m sleep-deprived and stupid and feel like I can’t go on because it’s five a.m. and I stayed up all night with a sick kid yet again, my mugs from Sedona bringing back all the memories with my bestie or the ones she brought me back from her trips to other countries make me feel better! Find that magic mug. Just make sure it holds a metric fuck-ton of coffee.

5. Just the Right Sunglasses

This goes even if you live in the Pacific Northwest, which, from what I can tell, the sun has forsaken for all time and eternity. Sorry. You need the right sunglasses, the ones that frame your face the way you like, with the perfect tint that’s not too light and not too dark, which you can dress up and dress down.

6. The Perfect Throw Blanket

It’s warm. It’s fuzzy. It is, quite possibly, also wuzzy. It’s there for you when you’re perioding, when you’re recovering from a hangover or from that flu those germ factories you birthed passed on from school.

7. Your Sweetener Of Choice

I do honey. And if I don’t have any (I have bees so I always have honey) I will go without. Whatever you need, may you never be without it. Carry that shit in your purse.

8. Jeans That Don’t Show Your Buttcrack

OMG people, this is the 21st Century, how are we still unable to engineer jeans that don’t show my ass? May we all have at least one pair that doesn’t gape at the waist when we lean, squat, or bend. Because as moms, it’s not like we lean, squat, or bend very often.

9. Good Music

Let’s admit it: my definition (Journey and David Bowie) is probably very different from your definition (unless you’re into Journey and David Bowie). But you should always have, readily accessible, whatever you define as “good music” that you can belt out as loud as you can from your belly with your heart and soul!

10. Good Shoes

To you, this might be what we used to call “hooker heels”: sky-high spike pumps in some outlandish shade of red. This might mean the perfect low black heel that goes with everything. It may mean hiking boots that fit just right or that perfect flip-flop. But whatever “good shoes” means to you, you need the perfect pair. I prefer moccasins, flops or no shoes at all.

11. The Perfect Yoga Pants

They may be old. They may be a little stretched out but that makes them that much better. They may be cheap. We all need a pair of pants to slip into when we walk in the door, walk straight to the bedroom, shed our real clothes, and drop our bra on the bed. These are those pants. Glorious Pants! You love them. And they love you back.

12. Amazon

Because who doesn’t love shopping in their pajamas and not leaving the house when it’s raining? Or buying random useless things you don’t need just because Amazon suggested it? Or when you can’t find it anywhere else, you know Amazon has your back!

13. Books

It doesn’t matter what your tastes are. You need books and you need time to read them. You need to always be in the middle of something, even in the midst of children and housework and spousing and everything else you do. Lord of the Rings. The Great Alone or Fifty Shades Of Anything or A good parenting book or The Collected Short Stories of Flannery O’Connor. Books will push you, challenge you, save your soul, rise you up. Fiction or nonfiction. Biography or natural history. You need it. To smell it. To read it.


There’s more, of course. You should always have a good car (I’m not talking a Mercedes. I’m talking one that gets you from point A to Point B), a good bed (Even if it’s just a nice yoga mat), a good office chair, and a good couch (Which could be made of pillows and some bitchin’ wall tapestry — that composes 95% of your life, maybe. That can be some complicated shit if you let it be. Just cue up your Spotify playlist and head out to Target. Buy a mug and some pens. Your day will suddenly get 100% better.

Happy Wednesday My Friends


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Weekend Tid Bits

What a busy and productive weekend we had!

Our bees have moved up from the brood box and into the super and started making honey! It has been a long, cold Winter for them and from what I have heard a lot of people around here have lost entire hives! We were very fortunate as new bee keepers not to lose our hive.

Levi had a swim meet Saturday and Sunday. Both days we were at the Natatorium from 12-6 or 7 and it sure made for some long days! But Saturday he swam amazingly well! He got 2nd in the 100 yard breast stroke and took 13 seconds off his previous time. He got 3rd in the 50 yard back stroke and 5th in the 50 yard free style. Sunday was an even better swim day. He took 1st in the 50 yard breast stroke, 3rd in the 100 yard back stroke and 4th in the 100 yard free style also shaving 11 seconds off his previous time! I couldn’t be more proud of my growing little man!

Since we were so busy both days my mornings consisted of a lot of meal prep for me. I am still doing this reactive food thing for another 9 days until I have a good list of foods and a good foundation of how to do it on my own. Things have been going really well so far. I have found my body can’t tolerate any legumes. Which really sucks. I was so hoping to be able to eat some hummus and black beans again. Spinach is a big no-no for me as well. And anything dairy causes a ton of inflammation. At first chicken seemed to be ok but I think it’s only ok in very small doses and very spaced out intervals. Steak has turned out to be terrible for me as well. Meat proteins are turning out to be a no go for me. At this point, only half way through, I think after all is said and done, I might go vegan. We shall see. The first 3 days you eat vegan and I never felt so good!

Sunday instead of lugging Delylah with us to the swim meet she got to go hang out at her buddies all afternoon! She did spend Saturday at the swim meet with me and we ran the concession stand. She was a big help and time went by quickly. But it is a long day at the pool. A friend offered Delylah to spend Sunday with them instead of the pool so she lucked out! I wasn’t working concessions Sunday anyway. It wouldn’t have been as much fun. I ended up having a super important job of running time sheets and getting awards in order and having her there would have been a hassle for me.

Levi bought a couple of new video games after the swim meet on Saturday so Sunday morning all I heard was the laughter and yelling of my kids killing each other playing Mortal Kombat. Sunday after the meet I joined in. Turns out, I am not very good at the new version of the game.

I fit some yoga in on my silks everyday and played on me new toy with Delylah in between all the chaos. I can definitely feel it in my upper body and all the new bruises on my legs!

We had the most fantastic weekend and I can’t wait for a busy week of hopefully nice weather so we can start gardening and begin some new projects around here.

Happy Monday My Friends



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Thankful Thursdays are some of my favorite posts.

Stopping to focus on the good that every day brings. Breathing the air deep into spaces it maybe hasn’t been in a while and realizing how thankful I am to be able to breathe that deeply. To breathe at all. To have fresh air.

This morning I woke up having a reaction to a food I ate yesterday. Quite unfortunate because I was really hoping to add legumes back into my diet. But I am thankful for being given the knowledge to now understand when I am having a reaction or a trigger from a food. To be able to pin point what food it was and eliminate it from my diet.

I am thankful for Thursdays yoga instructor. Because I am having a reaction to a new food I almost skipped out on going to the studio and was going to just get some yoga in at home. I happen to really like Thursdays flow instructor. She always takes time to chat with me before and after class. Not only that but she has a less serious class and is always smiling. No matter what kind of day you’re having, a smiling face always makes you feel better.

The bills are paid. For at least another 2 weeks I don’t have to worry about bills. As an adult, this is what I look forward to and am so thankful for.

The school year has flown by. Not just the school year but every day, every month. Time is just flying by. Really, I am so thankful that the school year is almost over. I look forward to the summers with my kids. Spending our days by the pool. Road tripping to god knows where and doing whatever crazy things pop into our heads that day. It’s crazy to think it’s only 3 months away! Then I will have an 8th grader and a 3rd grader!

Another reason I am thankful time is flying by is that I can not wait for it to warm up! I like the cold but only if it brings with it some crazy weather. While it did for a little bit, lately it’s just cold. Now I would like to shave my legs, wear some shorts and lay by the pool. So I am thankful time is going by so quickly. At least for now.

Travis got me a yoga trapeze for Christmas. I love it. And I love Travis. I either go to yoga or just do yoga at home everyday but I also get on the yoga trapeze everyday. It’s not only a good workout but it’s fun. To learn to new things and be able to do the poses a different way, suspended in the air feeling weightless is amazing.

What are you Thankful for today?


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Today is one of those days I have to adult and I really don’t want to.
I am a parent, maid, driver, chef. I am a million things every day. My kid has been slightly ill for the past couple of days. For us that doesn’t mean much. She is the best sick kid on the planet due to always being sick. But today is Valentines Day. A day we, Travis and I, don’t really celebrate. He’s usually at work. He did in fact leave for work this morning and I’m on this reactive food thing so we didn’t do anything yesterday except hang out. Today at Delylahs school they are having a party and she begged me to attend.
This means I must adult…
I am not a volunteer mom. You won’t see me at school handing things out, helping in the class or playing games with kids. Nope. I’m not that kind of mom. Kids are ass holes and why would I torture myself. Not only are kids ass holes but most of their parents are as well. Where do you think the kids get it from? Does this mean I’m going to brush my hair to show up at the Valentines party today? Probably not. I might change out of my yoga clothes though…Might.
For me, the adulting part is showing up when I don’t want to. Being around a bunch of fake people with their fake smiles and alter ego’s isn’t how I want to spend my lunch time. But for my kid, I will do anything. Like stay up all night every night because she’s sick and I’m the adult.
Not only do I get to be an adult at school today, I get to pay bills and be an adult at home. I have some finances to take care of and phone calls to make. It will probably take over an hour of my time just making the damn phone calls straightening things out. I should skip yoga so I can get it all done before going to school but I’m not going to do that. Yoga is for me. One could argue paying the bills is for me too but I could go without some of what those bills pay for….And that’s the truth.
I had my very adult breakfast of flaxseed with pumpkin seeds, raisins, blueberries and coconut milk. Drank over 25 ounces of water already with lemon and taken an array of vitamins and probiotics. I’d say my day of adulting has started off well.
What kind of adulting are you doing today?


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