Today is one of those days I have to adult and I really don’t want to.
I am a parent, maid, driver, chef. I am a million things every day. My kid has been slightly ill for the past couple of days. For us that doesn’t mean much. She is the best sick kid on the planet due to always being sick. But today is Valentines Day. A day we, Travis and I, don’t really celebrate. He’s usually at work. He did in fact leave for work this morning and I’m on this reactive food thing so we didn’t do anything yesterday except hang out. Today at Delylahs school they are having a party and she begged me to attend.
This means I must adult…
I am not a volunteer mom. You won’t see me at school handing things out, helping in the class or playing games with kids. Nope. I’m not that kind of mom. Kids are ass holes and why would I torture myself. Not only are kids ass holes but most of their parents are as well. Where do you think the kids get it from? Does this mean I’m going to brush my hair to show up at the Valentines party today? Probably not. I might change out of my yoga clothes though…Might.
For me, the adulting part is showing up when I don’t want to. Being around a bunch of fake people with their fake smiles and alter ego’s isn’t how I want to spend my lunch time. But for my kid, I will do anything. Like stay up all night every night because she’s sick and I’m the adult.
Not only do I get to be an adult at school today, I get to pay bills and be an adult at home. I have some finances to take care of and phone calls to make. It will probably take over an hour of my time just making the damn phone calls straightening things out. I should skip yoga so I can get it all done before going to school but I’m not going to do that. Yoga is for me. One could argue paying the bills is for me too but I could go without some of what those bills pay for….And that’s the truth.
I had my very adult breakfast of flaxseed with pumpkin seeds, raisins, blueberries and coconut milk. Drank over 25 ounces of water already with lemon and taken an array of vitamins and probiotics. I’d say my day of adulting has started off well.
What kind of adulting are you doing today?


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