You Are Not “Just” A Stay At Home Mom

I am a mom. I am a housewife. I am a stay at home mother and housewife and my kids are school aged and not at home with me. I still am a stay at home mom.

When I meet people or haven’t seen people in a while and get asked what I do or how I’m doing I already know, without a doubt, that there will be judgment. Do I care? Not in the slightest. I am the luckiest person ever to be able to stay home still, while my kids go to school and do whatever I want. When people ask what I do I don’t say I’m a stay at home mom, I say I’m a mom. I actually don’t even explain further. It’s nobody’s business if my kids are home with me or not. It’s nobody’s business if I spend my days cleaning, doing yard work, blogging, doing yoga or just watching T.V.

What I do know, is that as soon as the words come out of my mouth, you can see their face change and the judgment begin. Be it jealousy, wonder, happiness or hatred. It’s all ok. I know what my days consist of and have consisted of since I became a mom almost 13 years ago. I know that I am beyond blessed to be in this position and that it may not always be there. I know that it’s not for everyone either but it is for me.

5 am wake ups to get the kids off to school or what used to be to feed the animals on the ranch and then to get the kids ready for school. Clean up any mess after they have left. Whatever time I have for myself. Yard work. More animal crap and before I know it the kids are back home. We have homework, dinner, showers and bed time.

I am the book-keeper. Peace keeper. Launder. Chauffeur. Cook. Maid. Window Washer. Animal Tamer. Bee Keeper. Yogi. Blogger. Car Detailer. Accountant. Maker, Keeper and Taker of Appointments. Healer. Teacher. Advocate. Nurturer. Caretaker. Multi-Tasker. Baker. Potter. Wife. This list could go on.

I have been able to keep human and animal life alive for at least 13 years and counting. Alive and healthy.

I have been able to keep up to 3 houses paid for and clean on the inside and out.

I have 2 children and a husband (including myself) who I make appointments for, take them to their appointments and make sure they’re not late.

I am always there for my children and my husband. I am their advocate when they need me and when they don’t.

I take time for myself and practice inner peace and patience with yoga and my blog. I guess that’s why everyone is still alive.

I take care of boo boos not only on my kids but my animals.

We are all different types of stay at home parents. We don’t all do the same things. But at the end of the day we have the same goal. To keep human life alive!

So if you are a stay at home parent and someone asks you what you do and you can see the judgement coming already, just give them a great big smile. You keep human life alive! Your job is colossal!

Happy Wednesday My Friends


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