Yes, I’m the Mean Mom!

I have heard my kids friends tell them “Your mom is so mean” and then they all just give me….the look.

I always thought after my son was born 10 years ago that I’d be the super cool mom that all the kids would want to be around. The fun, let’s play games mom. I always imagined my place to be where all the kids would come hang out saying how cool it is and how much fun they would be having.

Apparently that’s not gonna happen. The kids now (especially my sons age, 10) want a Facebook account and to You Tube shit. So when they ask me if they can You Tube stuff and I say NO I’m an Ass Hole! Or why doesn’t Levi have a Facebook account yet? We all do. And I say I’m his mom, I said NO and there’s stuff you guys shouldn’t be allowed to see on there so he won’t be on there, bummer. I also have a 5 year old who wants to be a part of everything they are doing and when she’s not wanting to be around them she’s totally sassy, opinionated, eating chapstick and getting into shit she’s not supposed to. So Yes, I’m the mean mom with the not fun house.

But guess what? I don’t care one bit!

I’m not going to set them free on the internet with all the pedophiles and freaks. They have no idea if someone is really 10 or pretending to be.

I also am old enough to know what’s on You Tube. Yes they can find Mario Bros or Talking Cats but there’s also some incredibly raunchy shit on there that they definitely don’t need to be seeing. I am fine with them watching and looking something up with me to supervise but otherwise it’s just not going to happen.

So the word “NO” happens.

I know this is only the beginning.

Chances are when they get older they will ask me to buy them beer before they are 21. Or to lie to their friends parents about some stupid random shit. They might ask me all kinds of things that I am going to have to say NO to. So I may as well get used to it. Get used to being the “Mean Mom.”

I’d love to be the super cool, you never have to sleep or wake up, lets eat candy at midnight, takes us to do fun things, singing and dancing embarrassingly kinda mom, (I do those last 2 all the time anyways) and I will do that stuff and I do that stuff. But at the same time I have to teach my kids right from wrong and how to stay safe doing the things they want to do. I love my kids. Saying No isn’t about me, it’s about them. It’s only for them!

So I’ll be the mean mom sometimes. I’m super cool with that!


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