Years Of Transformation

It has taken me some time to compile photos of past birthdays and I’m sure I have more lying in unpacked boxes somewhere. I scoured my google photos and Facebook as well as some of my families pages to see what they had but I have a majority of what everyone else has. So let me begin by saying, I have changed…a lot! Having kids changed my face. I got glasses in between all these years. I don’t know what I was thinking tweezing my eyebrows like crazy when I was younger and I love my tattoos!

This was 1987. I’m super cute and 3 yrs old with my mom, grandpa and Aunt Linda in Anza! Just so you can see that I was, at one point, super cute!

This is 1992. 8 yrs old. Not as cute. You can’t see my face all that well here but Delylah is 7 right now and she kind of looks like me! That’s my younger brother and my mom.

1997. 13. Resting Bitch Face has taken over. My black boots, black clothes and mean looks weren’t really fooling anyone. Luckily, they didn’t last forever!

This wasn’t quite my birthday but I couldn’t find a picture from my 18th birthday and this was pretty close. This was the year 2002, 18 years old at the homecoming game with my dad. Thin eyebrows and curly auburn hair. If you know me from high school, you remember this look well!

2003 and 19. Brought me bad choices. This wasn’t my birthday either but it is a picture you can see a drastic change in me. I am on the left. My cousin is next to me. My younger brother is on the top right and the other 2 are our friends. I now have black hair and bangs. Thinner eyebrows and darker make up. Thank you 2003 for that! This is the year that Travis and I got together though, so it wasn’t all bad choices!

Fast forward a few years because we didn’t really celebrate birthdays. We just partied and then had babies. I had PPD for about 2 years and my birthday was the last thing on my mind. This was 2007 or 2008? I’m guessing. No more black hair. All natural with some of my favorite women. Celebrating March Birthdays. My Grandma on the right, whom I share my birthday with. My cousin next to her March 14th. My Aunt on the left March 23 and me next to her. This was a fabulous birthday. You can see the side of the cake that Aunt Sally let Levi stick his hands into every time he walked by! He was just the right height!

2010, 26 years old. Delylah was born in January and it felt like my birthday had snuck up on me. My dad’s girlfriend at the time, made cake and dinner. It was very sweet and nice to get out of the house after having a baby. My face is chubby, my eyebrows are filling in and motherhood is my role!

I don’t know what happened to 2011. I was busy with kids. Here is 2012, 27 years old. Birthday at Mema’s house. I now have glasses. Still kind of thin eyebrows and starting my tattoo collection. Mother hood is suiting me. My face is finally not chubby from having Delylah anymore.

2014, 30 years old. I don’t have pictures from 2013. The flu had hit my house that year and it was the first time Delylah had a febrile seizure. I don’t even recall celebrating. We missed Easter that year too! But 30 and 2014 brought short hair, thicker eyebrows and a road trip to the Grand Canyon with one of my best friends. Memories that will last a life time. It was one of my favorite road trips of all time!

2015, 31 years old. Shorter, purple hair. A much less adventurous birthday. Travis had a class that weekend in Santa Barbara so we went to stay with him and went to the Santa Barbara Zoo. Back home in Anza, my bestie made dinner and we had cake. It was also St. Patrick’s Day when we went over there.

2016, 32 years old. Faded out red in the front of my hair with brown in the back. I actually regret cutting it from this. I cut it before we moved to Texas. I should not have. We went on a vigorous hike with my bestie and her family bringing along with us some extra kids. The next day we went Hot Air Ballooning and Winery Hopping! This was my last birthday in my home town so we went all out and got a little toasty. I had an amazing time. I would do it all again in a heart beat!

2017, 33 years old. Living in Texas. My birthday was a little different this year. Our families are far away and celebrating was different. I now have “normal” looking hair with blonde highlights. Short but I’m letting it grow. Bigger, wider glasses. We started my birthday on St. Patrick’s Day like we have done in the past and went painting. The next day we went to the Zoo. Followed that day up with Kayaking. Finally, my birthday “DAY” was upon us. Travis came home from work surprising me in the parking lot of the grocery store! We had an amazing Lobster dinner and it was a wonderful day. I pampered myself all day. Yoga, a pedicure, bought my favorite flowers, an edible arrangement, drinks with the neighbor, phone calls from loved ones and just enjoyed every moment of the day! This year I’m kind of celebrating all week. It started St. Patrick’s Day with painting and will end the 27th when I get my birthday tattoo that Travis and I drew up together. In between now and then I’m still focusing on myself with daily yoga. Today I’m getting a manicure. This weekend we are going to see the new Beauty and the Beast movie and whatever fun and trouble we can think up in between!

Looking from the first picture to the last, I have changed quite a bit. I have gone through struggles but also triumphed. I made great friends along the way and acquired one of my best friends after having Delylah!

Enjoy the day!

Embrace the Change!


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