Years Of Memories, Love and Grandparents!

My weekend begins tonight.

At midnight.

When I am finally in my cousins car. Off the crowded plane with my moaning children and tired husband and out of Texas.

I decided to skip yoga this morning because we have quite a full day ahead of us but sitting here being able to ponder the days ahead I feel as if that may have been mistake. Hot yoga outside and maybe a workout DVD will have to suffice at this point.

Delylah has her post-op today. She has been doing exponentially better as of late and I’m excited to hear what the doc has to say. Her breath is finally settling down. It was horrid for a while there. Her voice has changed and I think it’s going to take me some time to get used to it. She can hear better, breath better and she no longer grinds her teeth when she sleeps! I am very happy with our decision for her to have the surgery! Today she is having special ear plugs made since my kids are little fish and always in the water. With ear tubes it is best to have ear plugs to protect against bacteria and infection while under water.

Of course this is how I would plan a trip. Right after surgery. Go to her post-op, come home finish packing and then head to the airport. Not mention all the little things that need to be accomplished and tended to in between. Let me just throw in here that as soon we get home, at 5 am in a few days, Travis has to head back to work that same day! After traveling all night. Midnight flights are cheap and we are crazy!

It has been 8 years since my grandparents passing. The family has been floating annually for 7, this will be our 8th year floating together. Some years a lot of people come and others it’s just a few of us. Sometimes people can’t float and stay behind. They have new babies (that was me one year), have been hurt or they like to just stay behind and wait for the family party after. Either way, we are all together, making memories and remembering my grandparents!

↑ 2010 ↑

↑ 2011 ↑

↑ 2012 ↑

↑ 2013 ↑

↑ 2014 ↑

↑ 2015 ↑

↑ 2016 ↑

I do this to be a part of something that was close to my grandparents home at the end. That my Grandpa thought would help keep our family together after they were gone. They were the glue that bonded us and they are still that today. I may not live within driving distance anymore but to be close to them once again is a moment I would never pass up. Having our family together like when they were here, is feeling them near. Feeling the love we all share because they instilled that in us, is feeling them near. Making memories and taking photographs that will be forever embedded in my heart and soul with my family, is feeling them near. I can not express how much I miss them. I feel them in every part of what I do. They helped mold us all, in one way or another, into who we are today. Big or small, we all have something that came from them.

Today we embark on another adventure. Heading off to make more memories, tell stories about them and sleep all piled up in the same house just like we did when they were here.

They live on in each of us and through this experience every year.

Happy Wednesday My Friend

Get out there and make some memories!


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