Worst Fabulous Friday

Worst Night Ever!

Woke up with pain in my hip and my left ear in terrible pain from that stupid piercing! I have ben awake since 3:30am and I know it’s going to make today a rough one! School, butchering pigs, awards for Delylah and regular, normal crap!

But I can’t let a little thing like pain and no sleep get in my way. Today is FABULOUS FRIDAY! And dammit, it’s going to be fabulous! What is going to make today so fabulous when it started so shitty? Let’s see…..

Delylah is getting the PRO (people respecting others) award at school today! She also sings a bug song or two! I’m excited to see her get her award. It’s one of her first ones in kindergarten and seeing her sing is just a little frosting on the cupcake!

The pigs are finally getting butchered! It’s our last two pigs and I’m excited to be done with that part of ranching. Pigs stink, aren’t nice when they are huge and cost more to feed and butcher out than you’d expect! Having our own meat, that we know what went into, is awesome but expensive!

Levi starts new units in school today and I’m super stoked to re learn and learn more in the areas he gets to learn about. Space, Geometry and A Wrinkle Time! Not only do we get to read the book, but we get to watch the movie! I haven’t seen the movie in forever! When I was in school Space was one of my favorite things to learn about!

I am going to make myself sit down and finally watch Black Mass! I’ve had it for weeks now and haven’t even take it out of the plastic. Movie, popcorn, wine and doing a little something for myself as silly as it may be. Definitely needs to be done.

So I know my day has started shitty. The pain will still be there and I’m probably going to be super tired! But there is no way I’m going to let it ruin my day!

It’s Friday! Make it FABULOUS!


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