I like the house we chose. I don’t love it. I’m sure that will come in time. Right now with all the cleaning and figuring out where to put stuff is kind of a pain in the ass. My previous kitchen had a lot more space. Not only that, it didn’t only have cupboards. It had drawers to put stuff. Without those drawers, where the hell do I put that stuff? It’s just a different experience. When we moved last time, it was into a house we had cleaned and painted previously as we bought from family and they were busy. No problem. I didn’t know these people but they obviously cared less about the people moving in.

When you are moving/selling/leaving your house, here’s a few tips for you-

Don’t puke all over the bathroom without at least cleaning it up.

In fact, you should probably clean your own poop and pee off the toilets so someone else doesn’t have to touch your shit. Literally!

Don’t cancel your pool service and not clean it yourself, so it’s green and smells funny when the new owners move in.

Don’t leave your ashes in every drawer of the kitchen. At least get rid of those.

Don’t leave your trash/stuff behind for someone else to get rid of or say “it’s for your kids,” or “we thought you could use this,” ya right! As if we don’t have a house full of our own shit already.

At least vacuum. Having your feet turn black because the floor is so dirty isn’t exactly what you want to see in your new home. It’s actually F-ING disgusting!

The milk that was spilled from your kids…. You should probably wipe that up before you move out so it’s not staining the wood flooring.

Don’t leave your half drank bottles of booze with your saliva all up in it for us. We don’t want any of your dirty germs!

Just some standard etiquette tips for everyone renting, owning or moving. Don’t be an ass hole. Be an adult and clean up after yourself.

A child makes a mess and walks away without cleaning up the mess. Some adults never grow out of that, only now that mess is their life. If your life or house is a mess clean it up. Throw away your excuses, sweep the negative people out of your life, fix the problems that you can and pick up the pieces/stuff of your life one at a time.

Happy Monday My Friends



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