Will It Be A Manic Monday?

As if our weeks haven’t been busy enough, this one will be another doozy! School, meetings, dentist appointments, a P.E test for Levi and getting one of mother in laws dogs back to her.  Just getting back to our normal routine will have us busy!

 Today I’m expecting my kids to have a case of the Mondays. The freedom they have had on break was awesome but now it’s back to reality. A case of their Mondays could go something like this…..

As soon as Levi wakes he will complain about clothes. Delylah will do the same.

They will want to veg and watch cartoons but it’s back to school and we don’t watch cartoons before school. So I can already hear the whining!

Breakfast follows getting ready and they won’t be able to decide what they want so I will decide for them. Only right after I make whatever it is they will all of a sudden know what they want and start wailing about how I’m making them starve by not giving them what they want.

Because in the morning you brush your teeth, that’s up next. They will fight over the sink even though they each have their own and they’ll be pestering each other the entire time! Touching each other, going in front of the other on purpose to use the water. Why? Because why not make your sibling who’s already pissed it’s Monday even more upset and drive your mom crazy!

Finally! Time to get them out the door. But wait!? These shoes hurt and I don’t like those other ones and I need help and he’s laughing at me. Yep, that will all occur while finally trying to leave.

After we drop Delylah off at school Levi will ask to go get something from the gas station. I will say no, he’s already had breakfast and we have plenty at home. Then another melt down about how much I suck will happen all the way home. Only to arrive at home for him to have second breakfast and then complain he has to start school too and he hates school. Then he will drag out every subject instead of just doing it like he normally does and school will take all day long!  All because it’s Monday and he has had total freedom for a week!

I could be wrong. I’d like to be wrong. Maybe they will wake up and be super awesome acting like it’s the best Monday ever. Or it will be ten times worse. Wake up time is in 15 minutes. Wish me luck!

Good Luck to all of you on this fine Monday!!


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