Why Would You Do That?

I realize that in the past two days I have been crazy busy and maybe missed out on things with the kids. Does that make me a bad mom? No..not at all. My guilt train left long ago when Levi was little and I’ve had 10 years to adapt to all the craziness and what ifs. I did notice my kids acting ridiculous and doing things they wouldn’t normally do had I been paying more attention. Obviously I was paying attention because I noticed but not enough to actually do anything about it. By the time I was done and could do something, that ship had sailed and I had to let it go.

Re cap of my kids that past 2 days….

I walk into Delylahs room and there is snotty tissue all over the floor. She had been blowing her nose from her bed and just throwing the tissue over the side like nothing-Why would you do that? She did the same thing from the couch in the living room!

Levi has had plenty of time to veg on his computer in the past 2 days. I went in to check on him one of the nights and there was food wrappers galore and empty juice boxes- Why would you do that? At least throw away the evidence!

During homework I was multi-tasking. As a mom, I think we all do that. Delylah thought it was a good idea to color in the lines of the grout on my WHITE counter top-Why in the hell would you do that? Then she said “Look mom, someone colored on the counter.” Really kid!?

We have some empty moving boxes and the kids play with them. What kid can resist an empty box right? Well, they also drew pictures all over them and signed their names on them- Why would you do that? Hopefully we figure out what room it belongs in when we move.

We are selling our RV so I got the kids to help me clean it out. Easy job right? Not for a little girl who is spray bottle happy! I turn around and she’s spraying the walls, the carpet, the mirrors….EVERYTHING! Why would you do that? She totally knows better. She’s usually my good helper and knows how to clean very well. I love doing things twice!

I am sitting on the computer doing loan stuff and Delylah is sharpening pencils. A lot of pencils. I think nothing of it as I have to get this stuff done and get this ball rolling for us. When I am done and get up, the pencils are about 3 inches long and there is shavings all over the ground with a trail following her. It’s an electric pencil sharpener….I don’t even know how she managed the trail but seriously-Why would you do that?

Usually my kids ask for things. Usually my kids don’t make a mess. They don’t like to clean it up and they know I’ve already cleaned once today and do not want to do it again. The best thing about the past two days is that they have gotten along impeccably! While they may be getting into shit and making messes, there has been no fighting and a plethora of sharing! I must say that’s a WIN!

Kids make love stronger. The days shorter. The nights longer. Your savings smaller and Your home Happier!

Happy Wednesday!


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