Travis comes home today! Finally! It seems like he’s been gone longer than a week! For the first time ever, we have high-speed internet! Wow! We were missing out! It’s pretty awesome to not have to wait for a page to load or things to download.

Today (and yesterday) are days full of “Whys.” It’s my turn to be the toddler that says Why to everything.

Why does the grass already need to be mowed again? The grass and Trav need to get on the same schedule because I don’t want to mow.

Why did my shampooer have to break when I still had 2 rooms and a hallway to shampoo!? Why did it have to break when Trav was at work? Total BS and maybe I should boycott shampooing carpets from now on!

Why aren’t the “clean and unpacking” fairies showing up here at night when I’m sleeping to finish my job for me? I’ve done most of it and they can help out anytime now!

Every time I’m doing something my kids have to argue about ridiculous stuff or ask for food. Why? Don’t touch each other, get yourself a snack like you always do or be punished with having to help me do stuff!

How long does it actually take to get used to a time change? I never had this much trouble during daylight savings. Why in the world is it so hard?

Every time I turn around there is still something to be cleaned. Why would someone leave their house like this? Terrible, just terrible.

I met some women and their children while on a walk the other day. Why do women have to gossip? Terrible first impression and the shit talking they did definitely didn’t help them. Why would you do that?

Today is another day. I will continue doing what I do and getting shit done. Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying “I will try again tomorrow.”

Happy Wednesday My Friends



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