Why Not Smile?

Every day when I drive my daughter to school the look on the parents face is a look of misery! They are all so unhappy with themselves, their lives or whatever they have going on. Maybe they just aren’t morning people. Mean while, my kids and I are laughing or I’m laughing because one of my kids is crying about shoes or something ridiculous.

Some of those parents are dropping off the last of their kids and get to go home to the freedom of doing what they please. Why would they not be happy? Ya it’s sad their baby is off to school but it’s a new chapter in life for both of them. I know. I’m dropping off my baby, my last!

Today I’m sharing a little positivity to make the day seem brighter! It can’t possibly be that bad!

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Now go start you day with a beautiful smile, positive energy and an amazing attitude. You might be surprised how it affects the people around you!


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