I don’t care if you are a working mother, single mother, stay at home mother (or father). Whatever kind of mother you are, you deserve a break! To get a breath of fresh air. The day-to-day tasks of being a mom are tough but that’s not the actual reason we need to take a moment for ourselves. It is the fact that those tasks are never-ending. Moms don’t need a break because of the 7 loads of dishes that we have to do a day. Or the piles of clothes that our kids demolish immediately after you’ve folded them. Or the nights that we don’t even get a solid half hour sleep. Or even the small stain of shit that we didn’t know was smeared on our dress before we left the house at a failed attempt to adult. We need breaks because of the relentlessness. Knowing that tomorrow there will be 7 more piles of dishes. Because knowing that tonight, tomorrow night and every night for the foreseeable future…there will be no sleep again. Because knowing that tomorrow if there is not shit smear it will be spew chunks, or a long stream of green snot wiped on my new outfit.

That damn shit smear….. Back in my days of breastfeeding a baby with reflux, I had spit-up. Every day presented a new opportunity for my kids to destroy an item from my wardrobe and they did not disappoint. Back in those crazy days with an infant and a 5-year-old, I can remember the frightful downward spiral in my head as I frantically scrubbed away at each puke spot. That awful feeling of “Wow, this is horrible…and will totally happen again tomorrow.”

So, here are some signs that you might need a break:

It’s 3 pm you haven’t changed out of your pajamas and try to convince yourself no one will know the difference because they basically look like yoga pants, right?…(For the record, they don’t look like yoga pants)

You’ve had how many cups of coffee today? You can’t even remember?

You hear your kids but you don’t “HEAR” your kids. It’s gotten to that point.

The kids all miraculously took a nap at the same time and you think this is a fabulous time to clean and finish up laundry. You definitely need a break. (That’s time for yourself you crazy lady!)

If you choose your outfit on what will hide stains the best.

If you’re hosting a play date and realize too late that you’re peeing with the door open while keeping the conversation going because, hey, that’s how you roll now…

You lost your phone but you’re talking on it. (Happens to me a lot)

If you refer to yourself in the third person and “Mommy” thinks there is nothing wrong with that….there is.

When you write a blog post about why/when moms need a break….

Breaks don’t have to be extravagant nights out or expensive. They can come in many forms. A trip to the gym. Reading alone at the park under that giant tree. Walking through the store….alone! Could be anything that YOU like to do. Baking, taking photos in your back yard, riding a bike, sewing. That amazing nap all your kids took at the same time….You could catch up on a show, do a work out, read a book, online shopping. Something for YOU! Now that I’ve been at this mothering thing for a while, I’m not afraid to say that I’m about to lose my shit and need some quiet. When they were super little, I was so focused on being the best mother I could be that I frequently forgot I existed too and was every bit as deserving as the rest of my family when it came to being taken care of.

Go take your breaks and Catch your breath.

Happy Monday My Friends



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