Who Needs Healthy Anyways?

With Summer Vacation in full swing for the kids and Delylah being sick, I haven’t made it to a single yoga session! I am missing it!

Summer started out a bit rocky. With Delylah getting an ear infection that would not go away. 20 days on antibiotics and it has finally subsided. Then her allergic reaction that not only gave her hives, but attacked her respiratory system as well. She was up all night, not breathing for a few nights. The past 2 nights she has been great! She is finally back in her own room! Yay!

Of course, I had to wake up feeling sinus pressure and having a scratchy throat. I don’t blame her at all though. We have been in different doctors offices’ about 4 times a week taking in all the extra germs. Since we are about to go on vacation it only makes sense that I begin to get a bit of something. That’s the mom law. When you’re about to embark on something fun or that you want to do, you get sick or someone else gets sick that you have to take care of!

The rest of this week consists of more appointments. It seems like that is all we have done for the past 2 weeks. Pay all the bills before we leave and start packing! I am thinking I can get yoga in on Monday since they brought back kids yoga. As long as I am feeling alright, I will take the kids and we can all try to gain a little inner peace before diving head first into road trip chaos!

Somewhere mixed in the craziness of those appointments was an ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) doctor for Delylah. We had been to one in California who just prescribed her different meds. This one actually gave her a hearing test, looked up in her nose and down her throat with his fancy tools. As Delylah’s luck would have it, she has a build up of fluid in her right ear and can’t hear very well out of it. She doesn’t notice and neither do I. Who knows how long it has been that way either because she is always sick. We go back in 2 months for a follow-up. If the fluid is still there the doc recommends that she have ear tubes put in. At that same time also removing her Adenoids and Tonsils. I am actually looking forward to the outcome of this. Double dosing her with antibiotics for every sickness she has because they don’t work for her is terrible. She has been on more antibiotics in her young life than I have during my entire life! That is crazy!

With our vacation fast approaching one bag I will be sure to pack will be a medicine bag! Filled with medicine we may or may not need and all of her meds too! With that girl, you just never know!

I just have to get through 5 more appointments this week and then it’s packing, shopping and paying bills! ← That doesn’t sound fun, but I am so done going to appointment after appointment!  Vacation is looking good, no matter how sick I get!

Happy Wednesday My Friends


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