When You Want To Be More Healthy

When you want to be more healthy but you really want those soft chewy caramels. When you know you should be drinking more water but wine tastes so much better. The vegetables you just bought are sitting there yelling at you to eat them and you choose the chips and processed cheese dip instead. The choices we have to make to stay and be healthy!

I did so good for so long. I probably wouldn’t have done so good though if my stomach didn’t hurt. I became a vegetarian 2 years ago around this time because I was having pains in my stomach after I ate. I didn’t stop eating fish but I didn’t eat any red meat, pork or chicken. My belly felt better. After a long while my stomach began to hurt again and I started to cut out gluten. In general, I don’t like eating too many carbs or bread anyways. It’s just not what I want to fill up on unless I’ve had too much to drink. Then bring me that bread basket! Again, my stomach felt better.

Now, I will eat a small bit of meat and gluten and whatever. Because my stomach doesn’t hurt, I have forgotten what it does to me and that is BAD! Of course we just took a mini vacation and I ate all the crab, butter, bread and booze that I wanted. Talk about major bloating! If you know your body (I do) then you know this will happen when you eat and drink like this (I do). It bothers me but apparently not enough to not do it. I want to be happy and eat what I want but I want to be healthy. Is that even possible? Can I have my cake and eat it too?

I’m going to try to. It’s what I want for me so I think I can make it happen. There was a time I juiced everyday. That’s not hard, I can do that. I love juicing! Lately I have been making kale smoothies everyday and sharing them with Levi. It’s my breakfast and it’s packed with veggies! It’s a great way to start everyday!

It’s all about the choices we make. What kind of energy do we want to have? Good, wholesome, packed with nutrient energy? Or crappy processed energy that in turn most likely makes you feel crappy? I know what I’m choosing!

Stay Healthy


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One thought on “When You Want To Be More Healthy

  1. I definitely agree that it’s all about choices we make, when I chose to lose weight I just ate less of what I was already eating and it worked wonders.

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