When You Take Your Kids Places….

We went to Disney World for 5 days over Thanksgiving break. We saw some kids have the biggest tantrums and parents who were miserable. I don’t know why you would do that to yourself when you’re supposed to be on vacation. I am not an expert but I believe I do have some helpful tips if you plan on doing something like an amusement park, museum or anything that requires patience with your family.

Keep moving. Especially at museums. Kids don’t have the patience to sit and ponder over the display. Read the educational sign and move on. You will get every bit you need just from that.

Download the game “Heads Up” on your phone. Waiting in lines won’t seem that bad while playing this game. It’s kind of like head bands. You have to guess what’s on the phone without looking at it and depending on the people around you to give you clues. It definitely helped us in those 60 minute wait times and they have an easy one for kids.

Eat. Hangry is a thing and Levi gets it bad! Not just snacks all day because you brought them and it’s easier. Sometimes you need to stop and get something real. Even if it’s just a hotdog and fries. It’s better than just a snack.

Hold hands. There is no better way to have control over your child in such crowded places as holding hands. My kids are good at this and understand the stress of running loose in said crowded places.

Never underestimate the power of a threat. From following through with those threats for so long, my kids know we mean business. If you never follow through, now’s the time or you will hate your trip with them.

Let them pick what ride or display they want to see. Doing the things they want will make everyone happier. If you have more than 1 kid, like me, take turns. Delylah wanted to meet princesses. I got Levi to take photos with them too but after that he would pick what we did. Sometimes Trav and Levi would go on a ride while we stood in line to meet the princesses. It was a good give and take for everyone and made everyone enjoy it that much more.

Smile. Put a smile on your face even if that’s not how you feel. It will be contagious and the people around you will smile back and make you feel better too!

Don’t pay attention to the kids and parents that are acting out and having a miserable time. You don’t want to bring that kind of attention to your kids and let it damper your good time.

These tips are what helps us when we go to places. It actually doesn’t matter where it is, we have rules and we want to have fun. The rules are there so no one gets hurt or lost and so I don’t have to stress. Because of the rules, we are all happier and have more fun! Don’t stress on taking your kids places. Enjoy every moment of it!

Happy Wednesday My Friends



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