It has been quite a while since I had a sick child. Levi rarely ever gets sick. Delylah had a long streak of being sick everyday for what seemed like forever. Once we got her allergies under control, she wasn’t sick anymore. That took about a year though. Seeing an allergist. Trying out different meds. Seeing an ENT. Finally, she hadn’t been sick in months. That’s not that long when Levi, as well as tons of other kids, are never sick but months of not being sick for her is a huge milestone.

Unfortunately, we are back to being sick. Two days of having a fever, spiking up as high as 104 with hallucinations. What a great way to begin the new school year. But we have a routine when the kids are sick.

The first thing I do is make a sick-bed. I don’t care how sick the kids are, they are quarantined to one piece of furniture that is covered with a sheet or blanket. This is designated as “their” spot until they are better.

If they are missing school, they don’t get to have fun at home. I am a fun sucker! Sick enough to stay home means too sick to play. Movies and relaxation all day!

I try to avoid the doctors at all cost. They only want to push antibiotics and Delylah has had soo many antibiotics since she was born that when she got pneumonia in January they didn’t even work! Essential oils, Ibuprofen or Tylenol for comfort, double up the vitamin c and elderberry, use the netty pot for any nasal/sinus congestion and cold baths and wash clothes for the fever. (Travis would have me rush the kids to the doctor at the first sign of a fever…he’s crazy)

I am a fluid pusher! I mix clear pedialyte with water and alternate with apple juice for flavor. I make them drink, drink, drink! Hydration and rest are super important when you are sick!

I keep things clean and disinfected as to hopefully not spread the germs too far.

That’s my simple routine when they are sick. It is boring for them and me but it works. So much better than trying to force them to take medicine they don’t like. Yesterday was a long day. Today will be longer. We woke up at 3:30 this morning to do the netty pot and fight off the 104 fever.

What is your sick routine?



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2 thoughts on “WHEN THE KIDS ARE SICK….

  1. When the kids are sick we get the “special blanket” out and watch Peppa Pig boxsets. Its all about lots of fluids, water, juice, soup. Paracetamol when it gets bad.

    I feel for you x I hate it when they’re sick. Hope yours get well soon

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