When Guys Get Sick

When guys get sick, it is no joke. They act like it’s the worst pain in the entire world and they won’t make it another day with their symptoms.

If you didn’t guess, Travis is sick right now. Crying like baby because he is in so much pain and is comparing it to actually having a baby! Which I find hilarious. He is sick because of allergies (that have gotten terrible for all of us in Texas) but it is the same thing that Delylah, our 7-year-old, lives with on a daily basis. You never hear her complaining that she is so sick she is going to die! In fact, she doesn’t complain much about being sick or having allergies at all and she is always a little booger machine.

Here are some things that guys do when they’re sick.

WHINE – Based on the way they complain you would think they have malaria or Ebola. As they get up in the middle of the night tossing/turning and groaning you might think they were actually having a baby.

REVERT TO A CHILD LIKE STATE – Yep, they act like giant babies. “Why aren’t you taking care of me?” “I need medicine and tissue and more medicine.” “I don’t wanna. I don’t feel good.”

LOOK FOR SYMPATHY – This might be the same sickness our 7-year-old has constantly but they still need us to hold their hands, check their temperature and assure them that they aren’t going to die.

WANT SEX – They don’t care if they are puking with the flu and can barely make time between runs to the bathroom. They are driven by this base desire even when they’re throwing up on themselves.

MAKE SURE YOU SEE IT – Like a child, what color are your boogers? Green? Yellow? They make sure to go into detail about the texture of said boogers as well. “They were yellowish-green and sticky with some blood.” Lovely….

Travis is sick and makes sure to say at least 20 times a day, that he is sick and doesn’t feel good. I said “You should go to the doctors.” But he won’t go unless I make him an appointment or make him go. I guess not feeling good and making sure everyone knows that he doesn’t feel good is just easier than going to the doctors.

He’s still doing all kinds of things, working through his sickness. Just making sure that I don’t forget that he’s not feeling well. He has all the symptoms of the typical man cold but he still gets things done like a woman when she’s sick.

I guess I’m making a doctor’s appointment today!

Happy Friday My Friends


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