What’s In My Purse??

I’ve been seeing this a lot.

What’s in my bag/purse?

Probably a lot of useless crap but some of it is probably stuff you can’t live without. And if you still have small kids you probably have a diaper, some wipes and other useful things in there.

Well, here’s my purse.

The zipper is busted. It’s not very big. It is a cross body so my arms can be free to grab my kids, items off shelves or run away from ass holes if need be.

There’s just one big pocket with a zipper on the inside and 2 small pockets and I literally just shove everything in it blindly but keep my keys hooked on it so I don’t have to look for them. Smart right?

And this is what’s inside. Very random. Tea bags. Business cards as well as insurance cards and my kids immunization cards (which are not pictured). Receipts that are trash. Hand sanitizer. Chap stick and lip stick. Pens. Money. Tampons. My wallet that my money never seems to be in. A vegan, fruit and chia seed bar. My elephant pouch that hold hair ties. A pad of post it notes. The eye-glass cleaners are always in every pocket. There are about 3 of them here.

When I take it all out like this, it looks terrible. It doesn’t look like those other girls who have their shit together. It sure looked better all tucked inside, not knowing what was really in there. I don’t wear lipstick except for special occasions so it’s just in there. I don’t like those Vegan bars but you never know when you will be starving. And my daughter’s hair is passed her butt and hair ties are a must all the time!

The items I couldn’t live without in my purse would be my wallet, tampons, the hair ties, my lens cleaner and chap stick. So why is all this other shit in there? Because I am a woman and everything gets thrown in my purse.

What are some items you can’t live without in your bag?


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One thought on “What’s In My Purse??

  1. It’s amazing all the random things that end up in your purse. I have a random assortment of hair ties and store receipts lol.

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