What Will Today Be?

Manic Monday or Not?

Only time will tell today.

We went away for the weekend to celebrate the being of 80 years young for this lovely lady.


My grandma. My childrens only Great Grandma.

Every moment spent with her and my grandpa is a moment cherished. By me anyways. Hopefully my little shits of children will appreciate it when they are older. Right now if it doesn’t include gaming devices, food (they want to eat), t.v or some sort of child activity it’s just labeled as “boring.”

80 years young….I sure I hope I  make it there it. Well depending on the condition. They are Happy, Overall Healthy and they keep on keeping on as always! Always smiling. It’s very refreshing to be around them. With their quick wit and humor, the love they have for each other and all of us it’s hard not to smile when you’re around them.

My kids and I got to spend the night with my mom and reek havoc for her neighbors. Staying up late and being super loud where there are neighbors right next to each other is something my kids aren’t used to but it was something they definitely enjoyed!


Now that we are back home after being gone we shall see what kind of mess and madness the ranch has in store for us. Not mention it’s bill paying day, school day and karate day. What kind of Monday we will endure.

A Manic Monday or Not?

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