What To Do With Your Sick Kids

When your kid is home from school sick for any lengthy period of time, you might start going crazy. Levi is home already for home school and he isn’t asking every 2 seconds for me to play with him anymore. I’m the one asking him to play with me. Lucky for me, he still plays with me. Having both kids home whether one is sick or not seems like they are on a break from school and driving me crazy! Levi is still doing his school work and she’s on and off the couch but she is getting bored. So what do you do? Here’s what I have done over the last few weeks (yes, she has been sick forever) of having them home.

Let her cook- Yep, contaminate everything. If we are going to get sick, we are going to get sick but at least she’s not up my butt for at least 30 minutes, depending on what we are making, and she’s having some fun.

Lots of coloring/painting- I ask her to color me a picture or try to paint a picture of a picture. This also keeps her busy for a bit and I get works of art out of it.

Let’s do a puzzle- Of course I picked a 300 piece puzzle. Something she had never done before and I knew would take up some time. She actually enjoyed putting it together until we found we were missing pieces. Which is ridiculous since we just opened the box for the first time! What the hell!?

Keep their brain sharp- I use the white board and write simple math problems that she does. We write sentences with pictures. We read to each other. Gotta keep that mind working!

Build forts, tear them down and then build them different- I do this when they aren’t sick. If the weather is bad and we are stuck inside. I haven’t been letting Delylah go outside but Levi is out riding his quad and kicking up dirt. So we have been rebuilding her fort and adding all kinds of fun things making it her own!

Video Games and Board Games- We have Mario Kart and Smash Bros battles and Monopoly challenges! In the past 2 weeks we have played almost all of our games.And we have a lot of games!

Movies- Fortunately for me, she does have down time. She has been getting tired very quick and will just lay for a few movies every day. Not back to back but throughout the day. I pick the movies so they aren’t watching the same old thing. They complain at first because it’s old or has princesses in it. But then watch every minute of it!

Hopefully we are getting over the second bout of sickness that she has gotten. Her energy started slightly coming back yesterday and she slept throught he night last night and is still sleeping!

If you have sick kids that still have tons of energy, try some of these fun,time consuming things. And hope they get over their sickness quickly!


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