What They Don’t Tell You About Homeschool

This is my first year home schooling my son. I knew it was going to be a monstrous challenge but also knew this was something he needed. He was no longer doing work at school. He just didn’t care anymore. When he would get into trouble at school he cared even less about school and his punishments didn’t bother him.

We got his curriculum the 9th of September so he got a bit of a late start but he has flourished since starting his work. He enjoys doing it as some of it is hands on which I think is his favorite part. He still doesn’t like subjects like math where you have to show ALL of your work so that one is a struggle and takes longer than it should. But I do believe this year will be great. He is able to get 2 weeks of work done in 1 week and the information he is learning he is retaining. When he was at school he would come home and tell me he doesn’t know what he learned. Now, the next day I ask him what we went over yesterday and he can tell me all about it!

There are some things they don’t tell you about home school though.

If you had a life, You won’t now. All of your old day time activities will now be filled with home school.

You days will be everlasting! When you are done home schooling you can get all those old activities you used to do, done. Like tending to my ranch. Ya, my days last ALL day!

Some days your kid hates you. This is without home school too but when you are making them do algebraic equations and he has to show the order of operations not just write an answer and it takes forever, he hates you. It’s all your fault.

He also will love you. One day he just off and hugged me in the middle of lessons. I was shocked and it felt so good. Like I was doing something so right!

Your weekend is filled with kids. To fill the social gap of not going to school you have other peoples kids all weekend long.

The kid is going to eat all day…because they can! It’s crazy. He has breakfast before school, second breakfast. A break for lunch, than second lunch. Kids either growing or starving!

You’re going to need weird supplies. Yesterday we had to make a geographical relief map with cookie dough. Super cool but unexpected and that doesn’t come with the supplies they send you. So let me whip that up first thing in the morning!

I’m sure there will be more of these to come as we just started. But at least we are having fun!


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2 thoughts on “What They Don’t Tell You About Homeschool

    1. Thank you. I am good with patience. Some of the stuff they want to the kids to learn these days is baffeling to me though. How do you teach them something you don’t know and you know for a fact they will never use? But we do it and move on.

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