What Kind Of Fabulous Friday Is This???

Waking up this fine Friday to the lovely humidity, one feverish child and one child with more attitude than he knows what to do with has me feeling most Fabulous! Let me tell you!

The guidebook that explains puberty in a nut shell, LIES! It’s all LIES! Nothing prepares him or me for any of it. Not to mention it’s been a year and half since we moved here and he keeps bringing up how this is the worst place ever. Not only is this the worst place ever but the entire planet is the worst place to be. As a sarcastic person, I came back with “If humans didn’t screw it up the planet wouldn’t be so shitty.” I probably didn’t help that one but it felt like a true statement. So ya, that’s how my Friday started. Super Fabulous!

I have had little to no adult conversation since Travis left. With one kid having the flu it’s like we are all quarantined to do nothing and talk to no one. It’s boring. I feel bad for any adult I have come in contact with because I vent and have a million run on sentences all at once. Makes for Fabulous conversation. One sided, fabulous conversation.

We went to Urgent Care yesterday to get a school note since Delylah has been absent all week from school. They did a flu test and of course she was positive. DUH! They gave her Tamiflu and said after 2 doses she should start getting better since she has already been sick for so long. WRONG-O! She woke up with a temp of 101.5 and more boogers than a camel has spit! It’s going to be a fabulous day!

Today is Levi’s last day and then Christmas Break commences. While I was looking forward to this, after his boughts of teenage angst and drama I am now dreading it. And he gets out of school early today. Hello 2 weeks of arguing with a moody, pubescent, stinky boy who will also argue with everyone else in the house. Yay, I’m so excited!

I still have wrapping to get done. I am usually done wrapping by now and things are just waiting until Christmas Eve (Our Christmas Eve is the 27th) to be put out. But with Delylah home sick, I haven’t had time to wrap the gifts. She’s been sleeping in my bed and all up in my space. The few years that I did all the wrapping on Christmas Eve just sucked. But it’s looking like it’s going to be that kind of year! That just has a fabulous feeling.

My cup floweth over with bull shit today and I just don’t care anymore!

How are things in your neck of the woods this fine Friday?

I need some coffee!


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