What Is Love?

Everybody shows love in different ways and thinks of love in different ways. It’s hard for some people to express it. It may be hard for some to receive it. No matter the ways that love is portrayed, big or small, it is a beautiful thing.

So what is love? I have no idea. But I know what I consider it to be.

When I get out of the shower and I find q-tips waiting for me and a towel.

When he takes over the job of feeding animals when he is home to give me a small break from it.

When I’m done getting ready and I come to the kitchen to find a cup coffee already made for me.

When he lets me pick how the movie.

When he wants to have sex one way but he will do whatever I want! (He’s a guy so he doesn’t care if he’s getting lucky but still)

When he puts up with my friends. Not only puts up with them but cooks for us and cleans up after us.

When he fixes my car.

When he hugs me out of nowhere and kisses my forehead.

When we shower together and the water is blazing hot (that’s how I like it) and he doesn’t just get out.

When I get super wasted and he takes care of me and everything else that night and the next day.

I don’t know what love really is. But these things feel like love to me. They may be stupid and weird but when they are happening it makes me feel good. That’s what I love. Feeling good because of someone else. That could be love.


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