What I’m LOVING!!

Life has been different and difficult lately but that doesn’t mean I haven’t taken the time to appreciate and love the things around me.

I am loving my family! Without Travis and the kids, this move and this life would be a lot harder. I look forward to my kids coming home from school everyday, even though we have a crazy routine. The weekends are our time to spend copious amounts of time together! Every other week we get Travis home and with the kids gone at school, we are able to talk more, get more done and spend more time together!


I love our Neti Pot! When someone gets sick(which is right now), it’s usually time for everyone to use the Neti Pot! I’ve been able to get Delylah to use the Neti Pot since she was 3 or 4! It has been fabulous for us and I wish I knew about them sooner!


We got a loveseat, sleeper couch for the loft. I wanted this pea green one but of course they discontinued that color so I went with something else a little different. I am so glad I did. It looks great in the loft. The kids have a place to sit and play video games or watch T.V and we love pulling out the bed and watching movies together on the weekends!


I love the parent access sight the school provides. Levi does not! But since open house, which was Thursday, he brought 3 class grades up. Partly because of open house and the talk we had and partly because I found his missing assignments that were completed and he turned them in. Middle school is hard. This site can make it easier for him. It’s not just for parents, it’s for kids too. He can check his status himself (not that he will) and make sure he gets the grades I’ve asked of him!

What are you loving lately?

Happy Saturday My Friends



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