I absolutely love my kids and do just about anything for them. As they get older and can do more on their own, I get to do less. Some parents find that devastating as they are losing their baby but not me. I’m happy to being doing less for them. In fact, there are some things I just WON’T do for them anymore.

Wipe their butt. At 11 and 6 they should be more than capable of that by now.

I will not replace their broken toys. It was damn pricey to begin with (maybe) and once they break it, it’s trash! No guilt here.

Find whatever it is they lost. If they actually look around, they will find it. That’s what I would have to do and it’s time they learn that. If it’s gone, it’s gone. What a bummer. When we move the furniture perhaps we will find it.

Do their homework for them. I finished school. Sometimes I did good, sometimes I did horrible. But I finished and no longer have to do that type of homework. Without failure success doesn’t mean as much. It is important for kids to learn from their mistakes that way they can take pride in their achievements.

I won’t stop what I’m doing because someone is whining or tattling. I will if they are bleeding, vomiting or perhaps dying. But if I stopped what I was doing every time I heard a tattle or a whine I would go bat shit crazy!!

I will not apologize for who my children are. Yes, Delylah is dramatic about everything, cries and whines a lot, sometimes asks super personal questions and likes to talk…a lot! Levi can be an angry, emotional mess with love like no other. Likes to be left alone and keeps to himself. They are mine! I do not have to apologize for who they are. They are my little people and without all their crazy attributes they would not be who they are. Themselves!

What won’t you do for your kids???



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