What I have Lost as a Mom

Even when in a public place I am un able to use the restroom by myself. Delylah either comes in the same stall as me or just opens the door and stands there while I do my business. I have come to be so used to this that I now am not bothered by it in public. Go ahead, leave the door open. At this point I have come to the realization that I will not see another day of privacy until my kids leave the nest. Even then, will I?

Realizing this yesterday during karate I started to think about everything else that has literally flown out the window since having these beasties! Its been a lot! Some I have regained slowly as they have aged but at this point they have no boundaries when it comes to mom and her privacy. And it’s not just my kids, my friends kids walk in the bathroom with me too. I must be awesome if you want to watch me on the pot!

Some of you may relate. Here are some things I have lost since having my little beasts.

1. Anything that has to do with a BATHROOM! From going to the bathroom, showering and doing my hair and make up, THEY are always there!!! No more modesty for this mama.

2. Eating candy or Ice Cream and not sharing. Sometimes I want the whole damn candy bar. Like, GET YOUR OWN! I’m sure I bought you one. Why the hell do you want MINE?

3. Making a decision and then changing my mind! I do this all the time but the annoyance that follows from the little beasts is sometimes not worth it. It’s like a test I have to go through just to get what I want. Who is the parent here?

4. Finish a sentence and not having to repeat it. What? I didn’t hear you. It’s too loud or I’m just totally ignoring you. What happened to thinking of something, saying it and getting an actual response?

5. Just going somewhere. Anywhere. It doesn’t matter. Before the kids if I wanted to drive up the mountain, I went. Wanted to go to the mall or the movies alone (which I did) I went! Go grab a bite to eat or go to the store, I went. Now I have little terrorists fighting against me at every turn! Wanting everything, everywhere we go!

6. Just Read. If it was raining or I had no money to go somewhere I picked up my book and would just read. Now the second I pick up a magazine or book is when the kids want something. By the time I’m done with them I don’t even remember what that last page was about. Thanks for the mommy brain kids!

7. Talk to an adult! Sure I talk to plenty of adults. The bagger at the grocery store, the kids doctors and teachers, a friends mom. Occasionally I get to have friends over and talk to them. An added bonus to this would be no interrupting or having to say “Mommy’s talking to Auntie Ren right now” or “Stop doing that to your brother” or “What happened now?”

8. Have a closet or space that is just MINE! I have a closet and a desk and I even have my own bedroom. But if you were to go in there I have kids crap on my desk and in it. In my closet. Their dirty clothes are in MY hamper. No Boundaries with these monsters! What’s mine is theirs.

9. SLEEP! I may not have slept much before them but that was my choice. My choice to have parties and wake up and party some more. My choice to stay up all night and go to work on 2 hours sleep and then party it up again. Now the only parties I am having are for my little beasties and when they wake up in the middle of the night for whatever reason I want to sleep! All those years of not sleeping are kicking in and I’m tired! I’m only asking for 7 maybe 8 hours every night. Come on!

10. Free time. Not that I am looking for copious amounts of it but it is almost non existent. As a parent I realize almost everything is about your little bundles of joy/beasties. My free time is when they go to sleep. Now it’s summer time. They go to sleep when I go to sleep and Delylah wakes up when I wake up. Where is the Free Time? It’s out there, somewhere. Waiting for me to grab it by the short and curlys and have my way with it. Until then….I’ll be here. With my precious little beasties!


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