What Happens When Mom Gets Sick

Being sick for the past two weeks I have lost my patience (which is rare), I don’t make dinner every night and all I can think about is when I get to go back to normal. This sucks. My kids are enjoying their “freedom” while mommy is sick and taking full advantage of it. They are washed, they have food and get to school everyday, so I’m not a terrible mom, just a sick mom!  Here are just a few things they have accomplished since I got sick.

Delylah managed to color one of her entire hands with a dry erase marker. Why? Because no one was paying attention to her and she could. Thankfully, she was proud of herself and showed me her handy work before she went around touching everything and I could have her wash her hands.

Delylah also managed to wash little  beads down my bathroom sink and clog it. Did she mention it? Of course not, why would she do that?

Levi has played so much video games that he is now keeping track and trying to set a daily record for the most time he’s ever played in a day.

I’m pretty sure they had candy for breakfast yesterday.

I washed clothes yesterday and there was only 1 pair of Levi’s underwear in there. Mom’s not on him to change his damn underwear after he showers and he’s 11. He’ll do what he wants apparently.

Some of these days I think the kids forgot we have dogs that need attention. They don’t go pet or play with them unless I tell them too.

I let them watch Bad Mom’s because I was not willing to get off the couch and go in another room when I feel like crap. They both made sure to remind me that it was rated R and my response to them was to go away.

In the past 2 weeks since being sick I have seen more hand soap in the sink than ever in a bottle. When I say go wash your hands “with soap” they must just put the soap in the sink and rinse their hands off.

They aren’t doing their chores because I’m not on them constantly. But if I ask them to do something they do help me with some complaining and slight arguing.

They laughed when I finally went to the doctors and told them I had to get a shot in the butt and showed them all my medicine. Little do they know that one day they will have to administer medicine to me and help my wipe that butt!

But they have also been very sweet knowing mom doesn’t get sick often but also having had to help me a lot with my surgeries in the past couple of years.

They bring me Kleenex and water.

They drink tea with me. I don’t know if this is sweet of them or not. Making more work for me and drinking up all my tea!

They are soo incredibly sweet that the complaining and hating life is at a minimum while I’m sick. It’s not non-existent but it’s minimal for now. (I should be sick more often)

Being a mom is hard. I know I am always hard on myself and I like things the way that I like them. My routine. When I get sick, the hardest thing for me to do is just take a break and let my body heal. Let things go in my routine. I have to tell myself it will all still be there. That my kids aren’t getting their normal attention but they have everything they could possibly want and it’s only for a short while. I’ve actually been doing pretty good at that this time and hoping to get better quickly.

Don’t beat yourself up and feel guilty because you’re a sick mom and everything and everyone is being neglected. Take care of yourself so you can be back to your sarcastic, ass hole, routine ways.

Happy Thursday My Friends



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