What Does April Bring?

What does April bring? April showers and May flowers? I’m not so sure that applies in Texas. It does bring showers! It is April 2nd and we were gently rocked to sleep last night by the pounding of rain on the walls and the crashing of thunder in the night sky. Maybe it wasn’t so gentle but half of the saying is ringing true so far.

April is going to bring family visits, busier schedules and more of feeling like myself, so I am liking April even if it brings lots of showers! I haven’t showered yet in April though. So take that! Come to think of it, neither have my kids. I don’t know if that is me feeling like myself or just being too busy or lazy. Either way, I’m feeling good today!

Delylah starts Soccer this month. We are all excited to see her out on the field! She loves to run and be a part of a team!

Family is coming to visit on two separate occasions and we are so looking forward to spending time with them and making new memories! So far, the weather is supposed to be nice for the first set of visitors. That means swimming, BBQ-ing and FUN! I can’t wait!

Delylah has her first field trip this month and I am chaperoning. She is excited! I am not as excited to be hosting a group of crazy 7 year olds and be around cranky parents but I get to drive myself and leave with Delylah so there are upsides. Delylah also has her very first performance in first grade this month. It’s an instrumental and they have been practicing at school a lot!

Easter is coming quickly. I am greatly unprepared. We usually color eggs with my bestie and all the kids and then go to my moms for a family Easter gathering. Travis is at work this year for Easter (as well as all of the other holidays and birthdays) and my bestie is 1500 miles away. We have no one to even share our colored eggs with so we may not even color eggs this year. It hasn’t been on my mind so I’m not going to stress too much about it. Me and the kids will figure it out when the time comes.

I am also fairly certain that April will be the month that Delylah’s bathroom will finish getting it’s remodel. 1 room at a time here. She is happy with just the cabinets being painted but the rest of the bathroom needs a fresh coat of paint the mirror needs to be framed. Small, easy, cheap touches that will make it look brand new!

April has a lot in store for us. What does it have in store for you?


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