What Bed Time?

Have you ever seen a movie or read about how the kids are constantly getting up when it’s bed time? Maybe you have dealt with this yourself with your own kids and they have given you every excuse in the book. This past week, with my lovely daughter, we have experienced A LOT of getting up out of bed, for A LOT of different reasons!

Her nose is stuffy. Sometimes it is and we do the Neti Pot which makes her get to stay up longer and that’s all that matters. She wins!

She misses me. This is sweet, but I don’t miss her. I just put her to bed and wish I could go to bed too!

It’s not fair that I am outside with Grandma and Grandpa and she has to go to bed…on a school night! What a terrible mother I am!

She comes all the way to me just to ask if she can use the potty! You have got to love her stubbornness!

She forgot to show me something. Anything! I’ve usually seen it before but she’s trying anything.

There is a 9 on her alarm clock! How appalling and scary for her alarm clock to have a 9! That is just not right. Unless its 9:00! It was hard not to laugh at this one!

I forgot to give her nightly vitamins. That is extremely important at 9:00 so she can get out of bed and have a conversation about how terrible I am when I put her to bed at 8:00. Thanks kid.

She had this dream…Even though her eyes never closed and she never fell asleep. It’s been maybe 5 minutes since I left the room and she is dying to let me know that her dream woke her up. It’s the dreams fault.

I don’t think she has ever gotten out of bed as much as she has the past week! Not feeling good is one thing, just getting out of bed to chit-chat and go over my short comings is another. I love her stubbornness! Looks like I’m going to be tired today!!!

Happy Monday My Friends



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