What A Saturday!

I hear the kids. It’s only 6 am. I turn over and tell myself they will be fine, just go back to sleep. That doesn’t happen so I just get out of bed. I clean up any messes anywhere because maybe I’ll have to show the house today and the kids play video games. Lots of help the are!

It suddenly hits me that I said I would feed for my brother, I have someone coming to get the fish tank which means I have to empty it most of the way and get it ready. That is no small task. I have to take down a gazebo, finish filling the trailer for the dump and continue moving box’s all the while keeping my house clean and getting laundry done. What I first thought was going to be a relaxing saturday is going to be far from it.

Still, I suppose it could be worse.

I love it when I brain fart stuff and then have to scramble or work twice as hard to accomplish what I had already set out to do but forgot about.

Time to get busy!

Happy Saturday My Friends!


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