What A Fabulous Friday It Will Be!

Waking up with a headache isn’t going to stop today from being FABULOUS! I guess that depends on how bad my headache actually gets but I’ve already popped some Tylenol and it should be kicking in before I know it.

It is Friday and it is Fabulous!

I woke up without an alarm at 6 am! This doesn’t sound Fabulous to most, especially all you other stay at home moms. But we have to be somewhere by 8:30 so this is Fabulous for me!

Today is Delylah’s check up with the ENT. Last time she couldn’t hear out of her right ear. If it’s the same or hardly better we schedule her surgery which will include removal of her tonsils and adenoids but also putting tubes in her ears. If she can hear she won’t get the tubes. I’m thinking that her ear hasn’t cleared up but we shall see. Her appointment today leads to Fabulous things for her!

Levi has been doing great in swim, which is Fabulous but we aren’t going today! I can’t make swim and Delylah’s appointment and honestly I am not upset about it! I don’t think Levi is either. It’s been a busy week since I’m squeezing in yoga before swim. Swim is an hour and a half. Delylah and I sit and play cards for a majority of that time on hard ass bleachers. So, I am feeling Fabulous not having to go for a day!

Yesterday was a long, busy day! Yoga, Swim, Therapy, Costco, Babysitting and Walmart. By the time we were done with all of that it was almost 9 pm and we started at 7 am. Today my only obligation is Delylah’s appointment this morning. It is going to be Fabulous to have the rest of the day to do whatever I want. Even if that’s NOTHING!

 Last weekend at Travis’ work party, Levi stepped on my foot in just the right way as to break my toenail off. He has done this before but it was the other foot and a couple of years ago. Then, a couple of days later, I jammed my other foot into the emergency break pedal in my car and peeled up my other toenail. If you’ve ever had someone peel off your nails with a pair of pliers, that’s what it feels like! OUCH! But today, my one toenail is still there just super painful. I guess that’s Fabulous?? It could be worse.

I have to go wake up my kids now and make them get ready. We bought donuts yesterday and we have cinnamon toast crunch. I can bribe my way to good attitudes and cooperation with BHT, MSG, High Fructose Corn Syrup and all the other crap they put in there. No matter how much bad shit is in there, it will get me results! That is Fabulous!

Always look on the brighter side of things.

What is making your Friday Fabulous!?


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