Well, I Thought I Had Time

Today, the time is already gone.

All the time that today promised is already promised away. That’s how busy I am and will be!

I am usually done with my blog by now and getting my kids up but my morning has gone nothing like I planned or expected. I am once again experiencing pain in my belly like when I had a cyst. I am not ignoring it, I just don’t have time to deal with it right now. (Don’t worry, I do have an appt made for it)

My stupid cat shit on the carpet. Which I don’t make time for in the morning. Like I know that cat’s going to shit on the carpet and I’m going to have to spend 15 minutes cleaning it up correctly! I know which one it is too because he will watch me clean it up like “ya bitch that’s what you get for not feeding me or letting me bother the kids all night.” All I can say is that bastard cat better watch out! My carpet is white and I can be heartless! Shit on my carpet again, especially ruin my morning with it, and you’ll be moving outside with my not cat friendly dogs!

So by this time, I haven’t even had my coffee and have already had to warm it up once. It’s time to get Delylah up for school so I’m going to skip my blog but then my AWESOME husband says “just write, I’ll take care of the kids.” WINNING!

Only here I am writing about time and how I have none. Apparently that’s not true since I am here.

My day though, is already gone. Taking Delylah to school and then driving to meet Levi’s ES in Murrieta. Coming back to hopefully get some of Levis school work done…hopefully, finish what I started in the flower gardens yesterday, animals water dishes and then get some kids (not just mine) from school. Let’s not mention what will happen after all the kids get here. It is Family Friday Fun Day!

So no matter what happens, today will be fabulous! Filled with family, friends and best of all FUN!

↑↑↑  I’m going to keep saying that.  ↑↑↑

It is going to be like that! Damn it!


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