Weekend TidBits

I didn’t know where the weekend was going to take me. I just knew we were having tons of people over for the fights. We love being surrounded friends and family. In fact, there’s usually always other kids here or grown ups.

We made 2 huge pots of chili that weren’t ready to eat until about midnight. Our bad. Who knew making chili from beans that we did soak would take so long. I maybe felt bad at first but my night was going pretty well and there was plenty of snack foods.

There was 12 kids here and only 10 adults here. We are always outnumbered. The kids played and fought, played and fought and played and fought until it was time for them all to go. The grown ups (most of us) ignored the kids, drank, danced and watched the fights. oh, and this happened.

blue hair

Yep! Blue and Purple hair! Always different and always lovin it!

The next day this happened…


She lost her first tooth!!! She was so excited and even more so when she woke up this morning and the tooth fairy came! What a lucky girl!

Sunday was a day of rest. Severely needed after Saturday night. I must say, we all know how to have fun!

Today it’s back to the grind. School, house cleaning, finishing that dreaded laundry pile. (that might wait)

It’s Monday people! Put a smile on your face whether your weekend was awesome or not and take over the day!


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