Wednesday, I Welcome You

Today is and will be, a glorious day!

After being terribly sick for the past 5 days, I am finally feeling better. I can breathe through my nose and slept for at least 6 hours last night. That is almost as much sleep as I had gotten in these past 5 days.

Delylah finally started feeling better yesterday after missing 2 days of school and having a temperature of 104 on and off since Saturday. Thank goodness! We had some all nighters for a couple of nights and we both needed the rest last night.

Levi is just about all better too! Out entire family was sick and today we are just about all better! This sickness wasn’t as bad for Levi as the rest of us but I’m so glad it’s finally almost gone!

With Delylah heading back to school today, I will finally be able to start wrapping presents. I have waited until Christmas eve before and that was just not fun! I’m excited to get it done and get something under our tree.

Travis comes home today! I’m glad he’s coming home now that we feel better so we don’t continue to just pass this around. I want to get some lights up outside and between being sick and needing his help, that hasn’t been done. We don’t get to spend a whole week together with me going to California and him to Louisiana for class, so we are going to make the most out of the few days we do have.

I downloaded the movie Storks and have been waiting for Travis to get home so we could all watch it together! Tonight is finally that night!

It’s not raining anymore! It is quite brisk out there but the rain has dissipated and the pond in my back yard is drying up! I can finally go to the shed without treading water!

It’s the middle of the week and this week, today is my favorite day!

Happy Wednesday My Friends


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