We Waited To Go Back, Now We Know Better

The happiness that radiated from Levi yesterday morning at 5:30 am was fascinating. He is usually quite a grumpy guy in the mornings. Yet, yesterday (and so far today) he has been full of happiness.

Yesterday was his first therapy appointment since moving to Texas. I had been putting off, letting him adjust to the transition and life. Deep inside I knew that I should have found a therapist right after school had started. I told myself that he was still adjusting. That we were all still adjusting, because we are. Somehow, just knowing that he was going to back to therapy gave him a euphoric feeling. Which made me insanely happy watching him smile again.

Upon picking up from school to head to his appointment that happiness continued. I was surprised that he liked the therapist. In California it took us 5 tries to find the right fit for him. After the appointment he was changed into a super chatty, smiling, happy, pubescent tweenager. Right then I knew I had made the right decision to put him back into therapy and regretted not doing it sooner.

As a parent, it’s hard to make the right decisions all the time. It’s hard to know, especially at Levi’s age, is it just puberty or does he need to talk to someone else? I should have known better, knowing my son. I do believe that it is a combination of both, yet the hard times that he seems to be having, I can’t help him with. That has my heart in agony. He knows I am feeling some of the same things, but because his body is changing and I’m not 11, going through exactly what he’s going through, It’s just not the same thing. I get it completely.

The smile on his face, the chatty conversations he is actually wanting to have, his politeness and loving ways in just 1 day, tell me that this is just the beginning of greatness!

We may not know when the right time is to do things as parents but when we figure it out, it can still be a grand feeling!

Happy Tuesday My Friends


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