We Rocked Our Weekend!

What a marvelous weekend spent with friends and family!

Saturday was a long day at the lake with my best friend and her family! Things may have started out on the slow side but once we got there and got out into the water it was nothing but smooth sailing and fun times! Kids were exceptionally well behaved which always makes any day that much better! Such a fun time all to help out a friend make sure her boat was ready for her Havasu trip! Well worth helping out a friend!

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Sunday was a day of driving and hiking. We drove up one of the local mountain ranges that a couple of the locals had never been up. Santa Rosa Mountain. There is a beautiful cabin up there that you have to hike to get to. It is private property as someone does own it and come up there every so often. We hiked to it and all the hummingbird feeders had recently been filled. It is a must see though if you have never been up there. We drove as far as we could and continued to hike to the top where the towers are. The kids all had a great time and I believe the adults did too. It was another long day but every minute was worth it!

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Monday was BBQ day with even more friends. (No Pics) Just good conversation with good food and amazing company! It was another great day where the kids all got along and everyone was happy!

Weekends like this are so amazing! Full and exhausting but every minute is so worth it. Spending time with your loved ones, family and friends, can never be replaced! Every moment cherished! I hope they all enjoyed it as much as we did!

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