We Just Keep Moving Forward!

Registration Day!

The very beginning of the next chapter of our lives is today! I take the kids to the schools they will be attending and get them registered! I am excited to walk them through the halls of their future. To take in their reactions and observe other people. This is the beginning of making new friends, learning new things and exploring our new area!

Delylah and I are the only ones excited. Levi thinks he is going to jail. Locked in a building for 6 hours everyday with strangers and no way out. When you look at it like that, it doesn’t sound very good. I guess I wouldn’t want to go either. Hopefully after today, walking through his new hall ways, he will change his mind.

Finally, Travis comes home today. I am probably most excited for this! There are still things I am not permitted to do and look forward to when he comes home to complete them for me. I have been trying to do a little more each day (which he hates) but I know my limits and don’t over do it. So things like putting in the new doggy door, mowing the lawn and hanging up the T.V., I put on hold for him to do for me. His “Honey Do” list is long this week!

After this week, (my weeks are from Wed-Wed, when Travis is home) the kids and I are flying out to see some family before school and participate in the River Regatta. I have yet to be cleared from the doc to actually float but I know at least my kids will be floating and we will get to see family and have some fun! I have been unable to float before and don’t really mind. It will suck missing out but there’s always next year!!!! It’s going to be a wonderful little get away before the chaos of school begins.

School begins August 22nd. That’s not much time with our little vacation to get the kids back on a 8-7 schedule. Which will have to change for Levi anyways. His school starts at 7. So we of course are going to wing it and hope for the best, That seems to have been working for us lately. Breath. Stress Less. Go with the flow and have the confidence that we’ve got this!

Happy Wednesday My Friends

On to the next chapter



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