We Don’t Stop

Everyday and every weekend we have been so busy. That is how we have been forever but damn, I am tired right now!

We have no time for sleepiness though. My bestie is here and we are making plans. Plans to make the best of memories while she is here. I’m not exactly sure what our plans are but it doesn’t matter. She is here and that’s all that matters.

Last night was a late one picking her up at the airport and I woke to the sounds of my kids laughing. They are excited for the day and so sweetly exclaimed how they made their beds and set their alarms up for tomorrow knowing I would be tired. I love it when they are so incredibly sweet without any prompting. It makes me believe I am raising good little humans, if only for a moment.

It will be a few days before we go back to normal, as with any visit and I have plans to change some things for myself when that day arrives. I have been working out on weekdays religiously and eating so well but it’s time to step it up a notch to be where I want to be. I can’t do that and enjoy my time with my bestie though, so that’s going to wait!

For now, it’s day drinking, fun snacks, tourism and memory making at it’s finest!

Happy Sunday My Friends



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