We Are Used To It….

We are so used to Delylah being sick we don’t think much of it anymore. A fever here, a cough there. Green boogers and the Neti Pot always sitting out. Tissues galore. We had to get out and get some groceries yesterday and happened to run into her teacher. Who was also out of school sick. She wondered why Delylah missed so much school this year already. I had Delylah in the cart with a blanket, half covered with groceries spreading her germs to our family like it was no big deal. Turns out, the teacher is from the same area as us. Southern California. And these Texas allergies kick her ass too. But we explained that allergies kicked Delylah’s ass in California too and missing school was and is Delylah’s M.O.
Delylah gets to stay home one more day and if all goes well, she will be back to school tomorrow in time for the Valentines Party. She doesn’t seem that excited for it and is used to missing the good stuff at school from being sick. She missed the Christmas celebration because she had the flu and it was really no sweat off her back.
Lucky for me Travis is still home so I will be heading off to yoga today. Getting in some breath work and me time.
Since Delylah is home today I am going to take advantage and do a little something from my 30 Days Of Small Challenges List. I have already accomplished a lot from this list. At least 13 of them. Today I will paint a canvas with Delylah.
Happy Tuesday My Friends



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