Usually one kid wakes up with a bad dream at night. I have to let the dog out, only to listen to him whine and cry because I forgot to feed him. I locate my boots and head out to throw the dogs some food and then realize I might as well get the chickens as well and maybe water all my flower beds. By the time I get back inside the kids are awake arguing over what to watch and wanting breakfast. I throw in some laundry while making breakfast, coffee and Miss Delylahs lunch, all at the same time.

That is happening all in a matter of minutes. Being a stay at home parent is hard. Some like to complain about it, the daily round of children and chores. Some like to do as little as possible so they aren’t bothered by it and their spouse has to pick up the slack. It can be tedious and boring. Reading the same books over and over because it’s their favorite. Making sure things are picked up, not for other people but for yourself. Being a stay at home mom can also be fun, amazing and super entertaining. I happen to love staying home with my kids and have been blessed with being able to do it now for 12 years. I don’t just survive, I thrive!

I don’t have a dress code. No work inforced dress code. I can wear whatever I want, whenever I want!

At least one of my kids wears their pajamas a lot of the time. And I’m ok with that!

T.V is my children’s outlet. Sue me. Call social services. They aren’t dead, bleeding or even half way to dying. They just like watching T.V.

We love books. As much as we love T.V, we love books too. Even if I have to read the same book over to Delylah or she re reads the same book over, we are reading.

We draw. My kids love to draw, color and paint. Even Levi. It’s a creative outlet and happens almost every day! I embrace the mess. It usually always wipes up…usually.

You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit. The kids will tell me what they want for breakfast or for dinner, among their only couple of choices. Once it’s made there is no “I changed my mind.” You get to eat it now. Bummer.

Lunch is easy. Salad, Organic smoothies, PB and Honey, Turkey sandwich with fruit, yogurts. Whatever it is, it better only take me a sec to make.

I stock up on snack foods. I’m not crazy. Kids get that “Hangry” thing too, especially my Levi. When that kid gets mad, he just needs to eat. They aren’t always healthy but we are talking about kids. Life shouldn’t always be dull! Oreos, goldfish, chips, applesauce, fruit, figs, nuts, jerky, poptarts. A snack is a snack and keeps us all sane!

My husband helps. He cooks when he’s home. He helps me clean when he’s home. He is the best!

But….I do the laundry and I tend to leave it in the baskets. It gets piled high because I hate folding and putting away.

Sometimes we are gone a lot. Playdates, Doctor appointments, shopping, seeing family,HAVING FUN! Who wants to just stay home all the time?

Play-Doh can be a lifesaver. Unless it gets on your carpet. Really though, it keeps the kids entertained for quite a while and as much as big kids say they hate it, they are right there creating awesome pieces of goodness with the little ones.

We go outside. Some days they fight me on this. They love being inside. I get them outside and we all ride bikes together, go for a walk or I just make them go play.

We have some of the best conversations. My Delylah loves to talk about everything. Once Levi breaks out of his quiet zone, he’s got this amazing personality bursting with awesome things he’s been dying to tell someone. I love listening to their stories and all about their days.

I don’t count T.V if it’s scientific or historic. Sometimes we are big nerds and will watch documentaries and learn stuff. Who knew?

My husband always comes home. Not every day but every week. And I can count on him to help me out and give me a break.

Some days will suck. My kids will fight, the dinner will burn, nothing will go right or I will be spacey doing things all day and realize it’s 8pm on a school night and dinner hasn’t even been thought of yet. This is normal and it’s all ok!

Some days will be spectacular! The kids will be super helpful with everything, get along great and you’ll wonder how you got so lucky. This is normal too! You’re not going crazy!

I do things for the kids. I do things for the house. I do things for my husband and I make sure to do things for myself. We are all held together by the glue of peanut butter and whatever is on T.V that day. Some days are miraculous and wonderful. Some days we will watch a movie, separate the kids and make sure no one dies. We do the best we can. We don’t just survive, we thrive!



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