Wake Up And Live Your Life!

The first thing I thought when I woke up this morning was “Holy Hell! Where did that pain come from?” and “It’s not really Friday, is it?”
Apparently it is Friday and apparently the pain from my migraine has stemmed down my neck to my shoulders. But that is all tolerable. Nothing some yoga and tension headache pills won’t help. Right?
Friday brings the last of Levi’s tests that he has done amazing on despite his shitty week at school with one teacher. Even in her class he scored a good grade on the test he’s just lacking brownie points with her. I couldn’t help him study for his test today (math), it’s the only subject he has gone beyond my googling skills. Luckily, if and when he shows his work, he does great! Let’s hope that’s the case today!
I was planning on grocery shopping but when I peer into my fridge and cabinets I have determined that we can go at least through the weekend before we have to start rationing snacks and waters. My kids won’t like this but if they ever had to have snacks like I had when I was a kid, they would be thankful for what they still have in the pantry!
I am definitely going to live by some of my mom rules today. I believe fend for yourself Friday could be useful today! And leave the dishes in the sink day. After all, I’m really the only one judging myself around here.
No matter how I woke up this morning, I know today will still rock. I am awake. I am smiling. Levi is smiling. We are all happy and healthy! Our pain helps us gain strength and wisdom no matter what form it comes in.
Love the life you live!
Happy Friday My Friends


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