Waiting With Kids

In all of my travels yesterday, sitting around waiting at various places, my kids were pretty well behaved. I think I was the one who was frustrated and annoyed by waiting for time to pass. Which by the way, when you are waiting for time to pass it’s like it knows you are waiting and takes its sweet ass time!

The dentist only takes 45 minutes for both kids. Luckily they have good teeth. Delylah has 2 loose teeth which she made sure to tell everyone at every place we went to! They all think she is so cute…if they only knew.

We managed to walk through Costco and not buy a single thing! That is amazing since every time any one goes in there it’s at least a minimum of $100! Plus we got to taste everything they were pushing! That was an hour well spent.

I did take them to the trampoline air park to let loose for an hour. That consisted of Delylah crying because Levi made a friend and didn’t want to do anything with her anymore. She did however pull off a front flip which was pretty awesome!

We traveled on over to Barnes and Noble, which I have told my kids was the library for a very long time. Now they ask when we are going back to the library. They know we can buy books there but we just go find a happy place and read. If we are buying books they know ahead of time but more often than not we are just using it as a library!

After spending at least an hour in all of these places, window shopping, reading and just hanging out I was over my trip and wanted to go home but alas I could not. Krav Maga was starting soon and that meant 2 more hours of sitting and waiting. We arrived early so we sat a little longer! Only so much time could be spent on homework without an overload so we walked through the Goodwill between classes.

I don’t think I’ve ever spent so much time walking around places, not buying anything and having my kids not fight! The worst thing that came from them was some whining at the end of Krav which was a result of being hungry and tired! Getting home was the best part of the day for them! Unfortunately getting home for me meant feeding animals (including children), looking for the lost gecko who managed to get out of his cage (probably my fault), cleaning up after feeding and finally getting everyone settled and ready for bed.

Needless to say the day was pretty good. I am lucky to have kids that understand that we have to do something rather than just what we want to do. Not always are they so accepting but somehow yesterday went by without any complaining or fighting. I’ll take that for the WIN!


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