Volunteer Mom

I am going to be volunteer mom today. Yep…Holy Shit is what I said too!

I have tons of other things I could and should be doing but no. I will be around tons of 5 year olds either excited to be at school or not. Some will have runny noses and be rubbing that shit everywhere and others will be scared as hell to even be at school, let alone have a stranger be in there their class.

Delylah will be thrilled though! She has been asking why I can’t come like some other kids mom that is always in there. I told her “Mommy has the ranch and animals to take of and your brother who needs more help than just mommy but mommys giving it her best shot.” She shakes her head and tells me I’m right and she hopes I can come in one day. Today’s her day! She better enjoy it and not be a grumpy little teenager.

I am already not about this volunteer Bull Shit. Anyone who knows me knows this. I like kids…I don’t LOVE kids. I don’t want to be in a classroom with them all day, all the time. But I’m willing to do it every once in a great while during her kindergarten stint. God Help Me!

Today is also her first day wearing her glasses all day long (we just got them yesterday) so it’s a good day for me to be there. I can call out the little 5 year old who picks on her about her glasses about their shitty hair cut or ugly dress! (totally just kidding) I doubt she will get picked on, she looks awesome in her glasses as my 4 eyed double.


So here I go….Wish me luck!

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