Vegas And Friends

Vegas was a success! As always but this time it was a success with great friends.

Letting loose with no kids and not having to worry about anything but making back to our beds was pretty awesome!



I learned how to play Roulette. Not that I’m any good at it but I still learned the game and that it can be a lot of fun to lose your money! And believe me, we did!

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We found some things that we never knew were here after all our years coming here. There was this tiny little bowling alley in an air stream with shot puts as the balls. Only 2 lanes and super fun!


Got to see the Chris Angel Believe show…..Good show but not as much “Magic” as we thought and a lot more showy crap. Still good just not what was expected.


Now we head back to the reality of work, school, house work, ranch work and taking care of our kids.

It was fun while it lasted!


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