On Saturday morning we began our long drive from Texas to Florida. It was awesome driving through the different states and passing over the Mississippi River. Something that you don’t think about ever but then when it happens it’s kind of a big deal! We made it to Bonifay, Florida in a day. (We could have driven further but we needed a break) Sunday we arrived at our time share in Kissimmee, Florida and just relaxed for the night. We knew that the week was going to be an exhausting one.

Monday was the big day! We have been planning this trip since August and we NEVER told the kids that we were taking them to Disney World for Thanksgiving. Pulling through the gates Monday morning  was priceless! Of course, Levi swears he knew but Delylah was over joyed and full of surprise. That first day was fantastic even with the crazy, long lines. We got to have lunch at the Royal Table with all the princesses and I think I might have enjoyed that more than Delylah. It was magical meeting them all and seeing the look on her face as they spoke to her! Magic Kingdom is big and there is a ton of people here right now. We will be going back a few times!


Yesterday we spent the day at Animal Kingdom which was equally as awesome if not a little more. It is smaller and less rides so it was far less crowded! But the kids loved the rides that are there and being able to check out animals on the safari. It’s not like a regular zoo safari. The animals actually walk right in front of you. We had to stop our caravan for a herd of wildebeest! Just like on the Lion King! Definitely memorable.


It’s our third day going to the parks and we are getting tired! We spent the morning at the Magic Kingdom once again and rode rides we missed Monday. We are taking a small lunch break and then heading back there for the night. I can’t wait to see the fireworks and water show!

The kids have been exceptionally well. Even standing in 55 minute wait times. I am so glad we decided to take this trip and spend our Thanksgiving together as a family. We are experiencing a new bonding that will last a lifetime. Not to mention the marvelous memories that we are making.

I can’t wait to see what the rest of this week has in store for us!

Happy Wednesday My Friends



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