Updated Bathroom On A Budget!

I have been working on updating Delylah’s bathroom for at least a month now. If not longer. It has been a slow process.

We updated her bathroom for $168.00 and it looks like a completely different bathroom. Of course I didn’t take any before pictures from it being our bathroom but I have pictures of the bathroom from the 2 previous owners. The first picture is the original owner of the house. The second picture is the people we bought the house from. We are the third owners of the house. It didn’t look much different for us except the decor.

There is really no difference except the accessories. Through that door is the shower and closet. Which we have taken off. When you take a shower with that door closed, it gets extremely hot in there, even with the fan on. We were thinking of a sliding door or eliminating the door frame altogether but I think we are just going to leave it without a door and when we decide to sell, put the door back on.

Here is the bathroom now.

It didn’t cost a lot of money to make the bathroom look completely different. The first thing I did was paint the cabinets. I had gray paint (Dolphin Gray) leftover from the kitchen and used that, so it didn’t cost me anything. I picked up some drawer pulls from Target for $30.00 as well. I could have gotten cheaper ones but I was looking for a package that had enough in 1 pack for the entire bathroom. Before, there were no drawer pulls at all.

Then I painted the walls. $30.00 for a good gallon of paint in “Exclusive Ivory.” It took 2 coats to cover the blue and where the toilet was the color was a dingy white/beige which also took 2 coats to cover completely. I had some super white paint, left here from one of the owners and used that to paint all the molding and door trim to finish the bathroom off and make it all look crisp.

We framed the builder grade mirror with molding that I spray painted black. The molding was $60.00. Again, we could have gone with a cheaper style that had no design but we liked this one. I painted it, Travis cut it and put it in. I love the way it upgrades the bathroom.

All the new hooks were bought at Ross for $3.00 and I loved them when I saw them! I didn’t know if they would work well in the bathroom but they look great in there.

We still have to buy the floating shelves that will go above the toilet and a toilet paper holder but I did compute that into our cost for this project.

Delylah picked out her own shower curtain with matching rugs and she has her same decor from her old bathroom. I don’t think it’s going back up in the bathroom though. It will end up in the toy room as decorations. It looks like this ↓ and doesn’t really suit the bathroom anymore.

I love the way the bathroom came out and when the floating shelves get here and put in the bathroom will be complete! It took time and effort but I did it in my own time, that’s why it took so long. It doesn’t cost much to upgrade a room in your house. It’s the little things like paint, drawer pulls (accessories) and the something a little extra like framing the mirror or changing a light fixture. We did the same with our kitchen not too long ago.  You can see that post here → Kitchen Upgrade

If you’ve been thinking about upgrading, don’t let money get in the way. Start small with one room at a time, with paint and go from there. You will be surprised was a good coat of paint will do to a room!

Happy Saturday My Friends


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