Unconditional Love

This morning I am sitting on the couch talking with Travis about what needs to be done today only we won’t be home so at some point this week these things need to get done, when we hear a door creak open. It’s Delylah waking up early….again.

She was so excited to have daddy home she couldn’t sleep. She ran around showing him everything we have done while he was gone. Telling him everything our naughty elf did. Showing him the new things she has learned. She learned to tie her shoes just yesterday!

Watching them together made me smile. When Levi was younger he would do the same thing when dad would come home from his work week but it was different because boys are different. She is looking for love and happiness and he was always looking for approval. Like did he do good? Now he tells dad about what he accomplished on his video games, the things I made him do or the things I told him about that maybe I shouldn’t have because I tend to overshare. (and I home school him, we spend A LOT of time together)

It’s amazing watching the kids adapt to dads schedule over the years. If you don’t know, he is home for a week and gone for a week for work. Nothing new for me. It is what I have known since I met him. It’s really nothing new for them either but as a kid it’s something different when all of your friends parents have normal jobs. As a baby they don’t care. As a toddler they didn’t seem to care that much. But when they turned…I’d say 4 it all changes. They want him more and act out just to get his attention whether it’s good or bad. Well, Levi did. Delylah showered him with drawings. Now at 10, Levi understands it. Doesn’t like it but doesn’t act out as much because dad’s gone and wants attention. He understands it’s our way of life not just dads job. At 5 Delylah is constantly missing him and as soon as he leaves will cry and ask when he is coming back.

So days like today when they wake up to him and are little chatter boxes about every little thing that has gone on, running around showing him everything and wanting to play make me smile! Assure me that the sacrifices we have made are all worth it! They love their daddy and will grow up to appreciate every little moment that much more!


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