Types Of Sex Parents Have

Lets face it. After you have kids, your sex life changes. Not because the guy wants it to, trust me. But us ladies stay up with the kids (there is that rare dad who is up with you too…he’s getting lucky), we run the errands with the kids, do homework, clean the house, make the meals. By the end of the day we are just tired. So what kind of sex are parents having? I’ll tell you.

The Kids Are Asleep- Or at least they are in bed. So before you hit they hay too you get busy before there’s no time to get busy anymore and kids are up asking for water and saying they can’t sleep.

Half Sex- This is where one person wants to have sex and the other doesn’t. (usually the woman) In fact in this unfortunate circumstance, only one half of the couple can even be said to be having sex at all.

Birthday Sex- Again usually the mans. And he doesn’t just get sex because he’s going to ask for all other things that go with sex. And if he doesn’t get them there will be a stupid argument about sex and it’s just not worth it. So give in. Suck it up…Literally!

Shower Sex- Kids are occupied and already showered. It’s your turn. So why not shower together. You can wash each other and do the dirty. Or just do the dirty then wash each other. Either way it’s another moment you will get (with a locked door) to do the deed.

Actual Sex- Sometimes that special feeling is there. Neither one is too tired. You’re feeling especially close and actual (good) sex will transpire. Although you have one ear out for the kids, in that moment you are able to connect with your partner emotionally, sexually and non-parentally.


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