Types Of Kids That Come Over To Play

Whatever the dynamics are on the school playground or at other people’s houses, when kids come over to play, even the nicest kids turn into whole new people. Here are some types of kids that show up for play dates.

Dumpers- These kids love to take a container and dump it! Pick up a container, empty it, move on and repeat! You thought keeping everything in buckets meant more organization but you didn’t realize they’d be magnets for certain kids. Now you have to decide if you’re going to make them pick it all up before moving on or scrape the Legos out of the carpet later.

Foragers- These ones don’t ask for snacks. Instead they wander into your pantry and begin to hunt and gather. When my fridge starts beeping I notice there’s still a kid inside looking for snacks. Anything they can find. Nothing is safe when foragers are in the house.

Boasters- In our day we would brag that our dad could beat up your dad. Today kids might brag about their newest gadget, being better at something, being able to stay up later than someone else. Take it all with a grain of salt and once the boaster has gone home teach your child how to do that too. (take it with a grain of salt) Once a little bragging starts it can turn into a lot of bragging and no one likes that.

Leaders- It might be your house but these kids are in charge. “You’ll be the servant and I’ll be the Queen.” Maybe you have your kid let the other kid pick what to play and that’s ok but at some point it gets a little out of hand and begins to hurt feelings. When you hear “Now I’m going to cut your hair” from the other room, you might want to step in.

Criers- They are tired or hungry. Maybe mom comes sooner than expected. Maybe it’s your kid. You try to comfort but when the oozing goes on and on and for no real reason it gets old pretty fast.

Hanger  Ons- Planning on getting bills paid or having some adult conversation? Think again. Junior tags along everywhere, likes to listen to everything and wants to be your new special friend.

Shriekers- Once you’ve had one of these kids at your house you’ll want all the playdates outside at the park. These kids have voices that can jump octaves and bring on a migraine. It doesn’t matter if they are happy, sad, scared or somewhere in between. They are just LOUD!

Imaginers- Bring out the costume box because these kids are gonna go wild! These kids are the day dreamers at school. They get very into whatever they are playing with. With just a little encouragement and some space these kids can spend hours making their own fun. Probably one of the best kinds of kids to come over. Even if you risk getting bit by a shark!


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